“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.” ~Jose Ortega y Gassett

We have wide varieties of information and resources always available, providing answers or support for any issues or questions we may have. But we only discover these helpful resources when the issues become personal or important to us, thus prompting us to pay attention. When we converse, ask questions, and seek answers for these matters, we hear from others who have learned and discovered the answers from their own searching.

When I had ovarian cancer- a disease about which I’d never given much thought- I began receiving lots of information and resources. Because I now considered ovarian cancer personal and important, it became my center of attention. I learned of friends who have survived ovarian cancer. Others who have had my doctor and affirmed him. Websites with lots of information. Support groups. Places to buy wigs. Books, brochures and medical sheets with lists of diets, side effects of chemotherapy, suggestions for self-care. I notice others whose heads are bare, who wear cancer ribbons, who have “survivor” bumper stickers. Because I am paying attention and seeking these answers, the information flows from all sources.

In the same manner, I believe that God is at work, all the time, giving us lots of moments in which we should pay attention and watch for answers. I believe that God is always providing inspiration, encouragement, guidance and support. We only need to begin the conversation, to ask God the questions on our hearts, and to listen and watch for the answers and direction we need. How many new ways might we see God if we make God the focus of our attention?

And God is at work in ALL moments of our lives, teaching us and inspiring us even if we don’t have a specific quest or concern. We simply need to open our hearts and eyes, and genuinely ask God to help us notice what we should for that moment. A simple way to do this is to ask, “What would you have me know today, God?”

This blog will be stories of my soul searching, times when I have noticed God at work around me and within me. It is my prayer that I may somehow bless you as I share the ways I have understood God’s inspiration, help, guidance, work and love- in nature, in relationships, and in quiet nudges. “Simply Soul Searching” will be less about my cancer and more about the peace, hope and trust that comes when I sense God at work in every moment, in wonderful and unexpected ways.

6 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. You are significant in my life in more ways than you will ever know. ❤ Your supporting of WWP because of my Matthew is yet another way that you are a blessing to us and to the many others like Matthew. Thank you, Dear Friend.


  2. Hello Karen, I just read a message your wrote for June 2nd in “Christ in our home” about the flow of God’s love for ourselves and others. I was touched by it and wanted to say thanks! Karen S.


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