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In these early autumn mornings the hills awaken and cast off their blankets to greet the sun, covering those of us who walk the valley. The fog envelops me as a shroud of infinite mystery and unknowing and yet the fog embraces me as… Continue Reading “THOUGHTS ON A FOGGY MORNING”


When my loved ones and I are saddened by trials or misfortunes, I often find myself saying, “Well, at least…” and then naming a few reasons to be grateful. While isolating during the pandemic, I would say to Jim, “Well, at least we have… Continue Reading “WELL, AT LEAST…”


I am taking a break from the “Notice and Discover” series today, just to remind you how very good you are. I had been reflecting on my blog posts over the years, noticing how my soul-searching has often sought new ways to deepen in… Continue Reading “YOU ARE SO VERY GOOD”


Keep me, God,from trying to make sense of our worldby dividing it into tidy categoriesaccording to what we deserve. Keep me, God,from deeming who is worthy or unfit,from judging who merits your goodnessand who should be denied it. Keep me, God,from separating your love… Continue Reading “FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY: DESERVE”


May the simple pleasures of this day refresh your spirit and bring you joy. Photo by Karen, Hurricane, WV. My next blog series, “A Season of Growth,” begins next week!


Hope is that patient waiting in the darkness…for new and glorious joy to be revealed. (Photo taken by Karen in Hurricane, WV. May 2021)


Is every obstacle an opportunity to reflect Your light? (Photo by Karen at Ritter Park in Huntington, WV) While I currently work on a new blog series, I am sharing my Instagram photos and brief thoughts. My regular posts will begin again soon. You… Continue Reading “PERSPECTIVE”


There is profound beauty in simplicity,there is deep joy in the ordinary,there is great love in kindness. The wildflowers were picked by my granddaughter for her mommy. (Photo taken by Karen)


Let the light of my lovebe a reflection of Yours.I cannot be the blaze of your glory…but let me be a soft beacon that glows in the cool morning dawn. Photo by Karen in Hurricane, WV


I pass by this scene as I walk each day,but this morning I wanted to stop and stay… (Photo by Karen in Hurricane, WV)