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(This is the last day of Sarah E. Westfall’s Instagram challenge, #liturgyofthesmallthings. Her invitation is to find reasons for hope in our everyday lives.) When I am hiking on wooded trails, I often imagine the pioneers who had to forge their own paths as… Continue Reading “OF PIONEERS AND PURPOSES”


(This is the third post inspired by Sarah E. Westfall’s #liturgyofthelittlethings on Instagram. Sarah invites us to notice the smaller moments of hope in our everyday lives.) I could not help but notice the dramatic sky on my morning walk today! The contrast of… Continue Reading “FINDING CONTRASTS AND COMFORT”


Today is my second day of following the prompt, #liturgyofthelittlethings by Sarah E. Westfall. She describes this prompt on Instagram: “Liturgy of the Little Things is not a hunt for silver linings or a way to mask the pain or turn our heads from… Continue Reading “FINDING REASSURANCE AND RESPITE”


(Today I am sharing an Instagram post for the prompt, #liturgyofthelittlethings. Thank you, @sarah_westfall for the prompt! We are invited to capture small moments that bring happiness.) My happiness moment for today was a bit of whimsy along the trail at the city park… Continue Reading “FINDING WHIMSY AND WISDOM”


This past weekend, Jim and I came up to visit my mom and take her to a special family event. We were excited to see her – and to help my sister, who usually is the one to care for her. Mom is nearing… Continue Reading “YOU ARE SEEN”


A BLESSING FOR THIS TIME May you know this… Your quiet sobs are echoing with the sobs of all who despairin a resounding cry for justice. Your many tears are joining with the tears of all who weepinto an overflowing river of compassion. Your… Continue Reading “MAY YOU KNOW THIS…”


This morning I walked at a city park a few miles from home, wondering if this will become the new place for my daily hikes… You may know that I have had a favorite place along my regular walking route, an open field in… Continue Reading “REROUTING”


Thank you, Brightest Love and Light,for showing us that we still mightshine with your love and peace.Your love will shine and never ceaseto remain with us in every day through your small, ordinary way… The breaking of dawn, long shadows on the lawn, the… Continue Reading “…AND YET”


I hope that regular readers have come to know that my blog posts are intended to encourage, uplift, and then prompt us all to share God’s love in the world.I hope that my words give inspiration, comfort, and kindness.I hope to remind readers of… Continue Reading “THIS…”


This week, I participated in the annual HOPE*WRITERS INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE. Each day, we were given a word and invited to share an image and our thoughts on that theme. I thought I would share my contribution here, too. May you find many blessings this… Continue Reading “POEMS AND PRAYERS (INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE)”