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Yearly devotions for the Advent season

Monday-First Week of Advent

2. Choosing to Enter the Desert- Leaving Our Distractions Behind Notice that the sand is pure and empty of anything else. Like the sand, the desert is a place of barrenness. There are no distractions, nothing to keep us from simply being still and… Continue Reading “Monday-First Week of Advent”

Sunday- The Desert Layer

  The First Week of Advent: PEACE (If you haven’t already done so, please read the Introduction in my earlier blog post.) Pour a layer of sand into the bottom of the pan. The sand will serve as a symbol of the desert and the… Continue Reading “Sunday- The Desert Layer”

Introduction- The Bundt Pan Advent Wreath

As I was pulling boxes of Christmas decorations out of our closet earlier this week, I came across an old doll from my childhood. It was one my grandmother had made, and the memories of my dear grandmother and the happy moments of my… Continue Reading “Introduction- The Bundt Pan Advent Wreath”

The Bundt Pan Advent Wreath Reflections

Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over, we can begin thinking about Advent! The First Sunday of Advent is this weekend! We will begin The Bundt Pan Advent Wreath Reflections on Sunday; I’ll share the first one later tomorrow. Don’t forget, you’ll need… Continue Reading “The Bundt Pan Advent Wreath Reflections”