A Word for the New Year


A few years ago, I learned the practice of choosing one word as my focus and desire for the year. This practice has become very helpful and clarifying for me! The word can become a way for us to choose our tasks and commitments, a way to set goals, and even a way to see how God uses the word to shape our souls.

This year my word is “EMBRACE”. The word embrace has several beautiful meanings: hug, hold, welcome, accept, or adopt. The word perfectly summarizes the way I hope to live this year. Whether it is a midlife seeking, or a new awareness after Jim’s and my health issues, my strong desire is to live each day abundantly.

  • I hope to embrace God’s love shown in Jesus, and to drop everything that prevents me from doing so.
  • I hope to not only embrace Jesus’ love, but also his ways.
  • I hope to embrace each day as a precious gift from God, a bonus day to live well.
  • I hope to embrace whatever comes my way: the joys, blessings, opportunities and challenges.
  • I hope to learn from, grow in, and savor all moments, fully and fearlessly.
  • I hope to embrace my dear ones with love- in every moment I can, to bless them in every way I can.
  • I hope to embrace my health and body with nurturing care, doing all I can to honor this temple God has given me.
  • I hope to embrace any new opportunity God may reveal to me, to be open to God’s loving guidance in each new day.

May you grab every day with gusto. May you savor every simple moment.

The significance of one’s life is not measured by its longevity; it is measured by its love.


4 Comments on “A Word for the New Year

  1. I just want to take this opportunity to say that I love you. Always have. Always will. Sending hugs for the new year! XOXOXO


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