Watching for Christ Advent Study


Beginning on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27th, you’re invited to watch for Christ in a creative way. I created this devotional/study, Preparing Our Hearts and Homes With the Hospitality of Mary for friends a few years ago. Our inspirational thoughts will center on an Advent wreath; more specifically, a Bundt pan Advent wreath!

The Bundt pan will become a complete Advent wreath over the four weeks. We will focus on the four themes of Advent: Peace, Hope, Joy, and Love. Each week, we will add a layer to the wreath that symbolizes the blessing we will prayerfully consider.

You will need a Bundt pan, or any pan with a doughnut shape. For the first week, you will also need 2-3 cups of sand and 5 votive candles. I’m inserting a photo I found online to give you an idea (but you won’t need the red berries).


These devotions will also be on my Facebook page, “Watching for Christ.” I hope you will join us! May this Advent season bring you renewed peace, hope, joy and love.

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