Making a Difference for Good


We have our bracelets! Most of you have seen this, but I just wanted to share the link again. This is from my son, who says it better than I can. The bracelets and website have been created by dear friends of ours. Thank you for sharing!

If you’re like me, and you’re feeling unsafe.

If you’re not like me, and you want to be an ally.

If you’re just ready to be an agent of love in a dark hour.

My friend just started a project to help get us all through this crazy time, and show support for our vulnerable neighbors.

The project is called I’m With You. And it’s a nonprofit effort to be visible, as an ally, and a loving person, available to talk and take a stand if needed, by wearing a bracelet that reads “I’m With You.”

God bless the safety pin folks, but we (especially our LGBT+ friends) know that visibility is PARAMOUNT. Where safety pins are a bit quiet, this project is about loudly SHOWING you’re a safe, loving person to those who might need it. (And can be worn in addition to a safety pin. 😀)

These Buddy Bracelets are a gender-neutral, glow-in-the dark green, and are only 50 cents ($3 shipping). All money left over is being donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center (whose mission is phenomenal).

So please order one, share this post, share this page, and show your support for everyone who needs it so desperately.

We CAN make a difference for good, one person at a time!

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