Sunday- The Love Layer


The Fourth Week of Advent: LOVE

As our final touch to the Advent wreath we will add our symbols of love: photos, hearts, Valentines, or any meaningful small items. We all have the love of God, and we share the love of God with others- family, friends, and even strangers. This week of love is a precious one. As we draw ever closer to the birth of Jesus, we hope to draw nearer in love to God and to one another.

Love Shared With Dear Ones

Light the Peace, Hope and Joy candles.

Read Genesis 29:14b-20

What a love story! Jacob had been working for his uncle, Laban, and had fallen in love with Laban’s daughter, Rachel. During a discussion of wages, Jacob asked Laban if he would be allowed to marry Rachel in return for seven years of work. That was a big commitment, but in verse 20 we read, “Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.” If we were to read on, we would learn that he agreed to serve seven more years for Rachel!

In our loving service to those dearest to us, we generally consider the time and effort shared as gifts, not burdens. We delight in doing for others, blessing them out of love for them. Recall some of these times when you have served well- and perhaps for a long time. Despite the energy spent and frustrations along the way, did you find delight in loving and blessing others? Would you have changed any time spent with loved ones?

 Is there an opportunity to love and serve a dear one, currently or in the near future? An aging parent, an ailing friend, a lonely family member? What steps will you take to keep your heart refreshed, your energy strengthened, and your soul connected with God?

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