To God, With Love


I glimpse your bright splendor in the morning sunrise.

I calm in your surprising peace during difficult times.

I smile at your joy in the unique beauty of each flower.

I hear your reassuring voice in the stillness of the night.

I marvel at your healing touch on this weary soul.

I notice your gentle nudges that move me to action.

I relish your inspiration shared through gifted artists and musicians.

I praise your unconditional acceptance with the imperfect song of my heart.

I feel your mercy and grace with every tear of recognition of my failures.

I anticipate my future with the hope found in your promises.

I grow in trust with every experience of your unfailing, constant presence.

I humble in your magnificence as I consider the universe; my smallness within it.

I bask in the warmth of your love radiating through spouse, family, friends.

I love you.

And oh, how I know you love me…

and yet this is but a tiny revelation

of your complete and infinite love

that is still to come, forever and always.

13 Comments on “To God, With Love

  1. I have enjoyed your devotions in the Christ In Our Home devotional for Febr. Today I observed an eagle’s nest and the eagle sitting on top. This was in a local park with a lake close to where I live. One of God’s gifts for all of us to see.


  2. I read your writings every day in “Christ In Our Home”. You are an excellent writer. I went to you blog today and its wonderful.


  3. I loved this blog and my heart and soul resonated joyfully! I cannot express thoughts as well as you but l feel all the gratitude and joy and love for God in this absolutely gorgeous world! I am amazed at the detail in every perfect flower! He could have just come out with heavenly hues but he put in intricate designs that absolutely delight! As l walk through our courtyard, with my dog ( l do pick up after!) l commune with Him and fall in love anew, every day! I am fortunate to be living in an Assisted Living Community that loves and honors our Lord with Bible Studies every day but Saturday, and Church here on Sunday! I am Blessed beyond measure! Also love your devotions in Christ in our home! God Bless you!


    • Your words are beautiful, thank you, Patricia! I love your appreciation for nature’s beauty, and your sense of humor (about your dog). May you notice many of God’s blessings today, for you are one of mine.


      • Thank you Karen! I am reading past posts and am thankful for you! You are in my Blessing book!


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