Thursday, March 2nd- Gentleness


Philippians 4:5

Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near.

In his letter to the Philippians, Paul encourages all of us to “let our gentleness be known to everyone.” Have you noticed that even the word, gentleness, brings warm feelings? Gentleness includes being tender, considerate, sensitive, light, and soft; not harsh or severe. When I think of gentleness, I think of people who are soft spoken, peaceful and of good-nature… who are tender and kind to all living things… who listen with patience and acceptance… who smile understandingly… who use sensitive and soothing words. I feel reassured when I am in the company of gentle people; I feel safe in their presence.

Today, let’s practice gentleness. To be tender and considerate with our words and actions. To be sensitive and understanding of the needs of others. To look for ways to walk softly through the day. To be the soothing presence for someone who needs one. To be the balm for a troubled soul.

Paul also assures us that “the Lord is near.” What a gift! Knowing God’s presence within us will help us walk through this day in gentleness. Seeing God’s presence around us- in all living beings- will inspire us to be gentle to others.

Our tangible reminder is a cotton ball. (If you don’t have a cotton ball, you could use any item that is soft and gentle- a tissue, cloth, etc.) May our cotton ball remind us to be soft and gentle in our words and actions, so that we will serve others as a soothing presence and a tender place of refuge.


Tender God, you are my safe refuge, you are my soothing balm when the world is harsh. Thank you for your gentle, accepting love. Today, help me to be your gentleness in the world. Guide my words and actions to be sensitive, soft, comforting and peaceful. When I encounter harsh or difficult circumstances, remind me of who I am in you. Let my gentleness be known to everyone, for you ARE near. Thank you! Amen. 

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