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I know that whatever God does endures forever; nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken from it; God has done this, so that all should stand in awe before him. ~Ecclesiastes 3:14 

Sometimes when I look into the night sky to see the amazing universe, the vast darkness dotted with infinite stars and planets, a sense of fear and trembling overwhelms me. I feel so tiny and insignificant. I realize that my limited mind will never be able to comprehend all of this. The hugeness of creation, the infinite span of time and eternity, and all of the incredible energies and mysteries that surround me create this profound humility. This is awe. Our God IS an awesome God.

The same feeling happens when I am standing on a mountaintop overlooking the vista before me. This happens when I am in a valley, too, as I see the grandeur with a new perspective. Awe comes as I watch the ocean with its waves rolling in, and I consider its depths, its creatures, and its power. Sunrises and sunsets. Thunder and lightening. The birth of a baby.  When I could almost tremble with fear at the magnificence of God and the smallness of me, I know that I am feeling awe-struck.

When I then consider that God’s love is also boundless, overwhelming, infinite, and beyond our comprehension, I again am filled with awe. I feel insignificant, and yet, here I am, a child of God, created by God. I am loved by this God who loves me beyond all I can imagine.

We ALL are loved with the infinite, incredible love of God. We just can’t take it all in, even though we see glimpses of God’s love all the time. Our worldly cares and burdens, our griefs and our fears, even our darkest moments will one day become so insignificant in the light of God’s love and our eternity. So as Jesus reassured us throughout the gospels that we shouldn’t fear or worry, that he will be with us always, and that all will be redeemed for good, we can know we are loved beyond our comprehension. We can stand in joy- and awe- of this love from our incredible, amazing God.

7 Comments on “Awe

  1. As always, insightful and beautifully written! God has truly blessed you with the gift of inspiration through the written word. Love and miss you ❤


    • Yes! And thank you, so much. I love your blog thoughts and especially the photos. Take care of you…


  2. Was in “awe” of your post and it was good to see you once again❣️🤗 I used your post today at Bible Study, l think we all feel as you do, our God is so large it is beyond our comprehension, But none describe it so beautifully! You get to the core of our souls and it just resonates, and once again you just nailed it! God Bless❣️


    • I wish you could know how much your comments bless me! Thank you for letting me know! God bless your group. ❤


      • Right back at you❣️ You are a Huge Blessing in my life❣️🤗😇


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