ALL The Time (God is Good)


I sang all the way home (from Toledo to Hurricane) earlier this week. I had just received the great news that I’m still in good health, with no signs of cancer! What a gift this is- to have these bonus days of life and health- and all the blessings to enjoy because of these. Jim posted his gratitude on Facebook, and we have been touched by all of the supportive comments and happiness shared by our dear friends and family.

In sharing our good news with others, we have heard the beautiful words, “God is good!” YES, God IS good, so very good. I am thankful to God for my life and health. I am thankful for the prayers of others. To know that I am being covered in prayer has helped me remain strong and hopeful. I do thank God, every day, for being so good to me.

But this is where I become uncomfortable and wonder… how often do we remember that “God is good” but forget the “all the time” part? I wonder for two reasons:

I wonder if we believe that this week God is good because God has given me health. I am no worthier than anyone else. In fact, if anything, I feel less worthy of life simply because of my age. Why should I get to live while an innocent, beloved child dies? I hope we remember the “all the time” in God’s love- that God’s love is a constant, unconditional love for everyone. God loves everyone equally and totally.

I also wonder if we forget that God is good, all the time… and anyway… and even if. Even if my cancer returns, God is good. Even if I end up suffering, God is good. God is only and always good! God makes good come from everything. In the end, I will still gain eternity, I will have lived this blessed life, I will have enjoyed the gifts of this precious creation and dear ones to love. God is good, but God is good all the time, and in all circumstances.

God is only goodness; God is only love and joy and peace and hope. No matter what life brings, God loves all of us completely. So, my friends, if one day my cancer should return, I want to continue saying, “God is good!” I hope you will, too.

God is good. So very good. All the time.

8 Comments on “ALL The Time (God is Good)

  1. Whenever I see a post from you, I am happy – I always enjoy reading them. I’m so happy, too, that you have good news, and I will try to remember every day that God is good. Thank you.


  2. “All The Time”…Yes, God IS Good !!… Even when our loved ones leave this life and we are left behind, God IS Good… Even when we make mistakes and seek forgiveness, God IS Good…. Even when we are not aware, God IS Good…. Especially when we do not feel worthy, God IS Good… Thank you dear Karen with your precious words of reminder.. and Thank our God for the blessing of continued health… hugs..


    • Judy, I know you know how good God is, in spite of the trials you’ve faced. Thank you, my friend.


  3. So thankful to see you again! You showed up on Bob’s Birthday, which is a time for good memories, but l didn’t find you right away! Yes! God is good, all the time but never more than when he holds you in His arms as you go through trials, then the awesome wonder of it as you celebrate the victory together because He got you through it! Love you dear friend and l am so thankful His grace and mercy brought you through it!❣️❣️


    • Oh, I hope the good memories blessed you on Bob’s special day- thanks for letting me know. Love you, too! I am thankful, always.


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