Thankful Enough…



for every day of life,
that we appreciate each moment and fully embrace the day

for each new morning,
that we awaken with eager anticipation

for the bright midday,
that we remain useful, capable and mindful

for the gentle eventide,
that we quiet ourselves to rest in your peaceful sleep

for the seasons,
that we see your glory through the variety and lessons of nature

for the generous gifts you have given us,
that we generously share them with others

for our warm beds, coats and clothing,
that we provide warmth for everyone

for our sufficient finances,
that we find the gifts of simplicity as well as the gifts of benevolence

for our homes,
that we open our doors in welcoming hospitality

for our delicious Thanksgiving meal,
that we ensure all people have generous and plentiful plates

for our family and friends,
that we consider each one as a precious, beloved treasure

for the strangers we do not yet know,
that we see each encounter as holy

for our faith communities,
that we serve and love one another as we share your love in the world

for our health,
that we care for our bodies and tend them as your temples

for those around us,
that we honor and respect their bodies as your temples, too

for your steadfast faithfulness,
that we act with great courage to make a difference for good

for our inner souls and countenances,
that we reflect your beauty and radiance

for your goodness,
that we strive to be good ourselves

for your presence,
that we may be your presence for others

for our vocation,
that we are reliable and responsible, serving with integrity

for our beautiful creation,
that we tenderly steward all of life and all of nature

for artwork and artists,
that we delight in the work and affirm the creator

for music,
that we sing with joy every song that touches our souls

for the intellect and insights of others,
that we silence ourselves to listen

for the talents you have given us,
that we humbly use them for your glory

for your Word and your Spirit,
that we earnestly and genuinely seek your guidance

for your universal love for all,
that we love everyone universally

for ALL these gifts,
that we keep thanking you, God –
completely, wholly, with our entire being, for our entire lives

May this be so. Amen.

4 Comments on “Thankful Enough…

  1. Amen! Many blessings to you on Thanksgiving and every day. ❤️🙏🏻


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