ADVENT: Watching for the Dawn of Light- Introduction

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John 8:12

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

When I mentioned to Pastor Michael my idea of writing Advent devotions around a variety of lights, he thought of the image of Jesus coming as the Dawn of Light upon our darkness. How beautifully this Dawn of Light will guide our time of Advent waiting! We will watch and wait for Jesus as we would watch for the dawn, by moving through the deep night, to the early glow of light, to the first peek of the sun, to the full dawn of day.

Each week, our Advent candles and devotions will focus on the hope, love, joy and peace that Jesus brings. You’re invited to use an Advent wreath as part of your devotional time, or simply use four candles arranged around the Christ candle in the center. On Sunday, there will be a candle-lighting devotion based on our theme of moving from the darkness to the dawn. From Monday through Friday our devotions will focus on a variety of lights and how they bring to mind the blessings God shares with us in the gift of Jesus. Saturdays will be times of reflection, or a chance to “catch up” if you’ve missed any devotions earlier in the week.

Jesus came to us and continues to come to us as the Light of the world. This Advent, may we all grow in our awareness of the loving presence of God-with-us: Jesus, our bright Dawn of Light upon our darkness.

(On a personal note, these devotions are written as a “thank you” gift to my new friends of St. John. You have blessed Jim and me so much as we make West Virginia our new home. You all have been lights of Christ for us. May you feel blessed by the hope, love, joy and peace we have- all because of Jesus!)

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