Hope in the Darkness- Monday, December 4th




Psalm 62:5 (NRSV)

For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from him.

A few Sundays ago Pastor Mike explained that the lighted Christ candle in our worship space is a symbol of Christ’s presence among us. He reminded us that Jesus’ presence is everywhere- not just in our worship space- but all around us and within us. The candle flame represents Jesus, who is the Light of our world.

There IS something so beautifully quiet, peaceful and holy in a candle flame. I often light a candle when I want to be reminded of the presence of Christ, when I want to keep someone in prayer, or when I want to remain aware that I am called to be Jesus’ love for others. The small flame can light up even the darkest room. The soft scent of the candle also permeates the room as a gentle reminder that I am the aroma of Christ.

We become so busy during the Advent season, with preparations, decorations, parties, events, and travels – along with our usual busy routines – quickly filling our days. Because we are distracted by schedules and festivities, we often miss Jesus’ presence among and within us. Christ is present always and everywhere, but we are too busy to notice.

Light the candle of hope and take a moment to just be still. Sit quietly in the presence of God in Christ. We were reminded yesterday that as we await the Dawn of Light, we know in our hearts that the Dawn has come. Our hope is here, now, even in the darkness. If we still ourselves long enough to notice, we will feel God’s presence, once again giving us hope for each new day. You may like to keep a candle burning throughout the day as a gentle reminder that you could be God’s hope-filled presence for someone else, too.

Hope shines in God’s constant presence.

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