New Year Reflect-ions

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Thanks to all of you who shared your Word for 2018. You have blessed me with them. There were so many inspiring and profound ones! May you all learn and grow through your word in 2018.

Here are some of the words that friends shared with me. (I may use some of these in the next few years!) Clarity, Listen, Peace, Hope, Patience, Humble, Discovery, Courage, Perseverance, Kind and Simple, Follow, Serve, Acceptance, Strength, Resilience, Completely…

The explanations and reasons were beautiful, too. Here are a few. Listen: “Talk less; seek to understand. Pay attention to what others say, and to what they don’t. Listen to my own instincts. Listen for signs that the universe is trying to give me.” Simple, Kind: “Kind to people, animals, nature, and stuff (reduce chemicals used to clean, etc). Simple in words, eating, and possessions (time to clear things out of the house again).” Completely: “Proverbs 3:5-6 will explain. I still struggle with this.” Thank you all for inspiring me!

My word for 2018 is Reflect. There are two definitions that resonate with me. The first is to mirror, imitate, or reveal. I hope to reflect the life and love of Jesus in my daily living. I was considering Shine, as in being a shining light of love, but the word Reflect keeps me mindful that any light of love is not of me but only a reflection of Christ’s love.

The other definition is to think, consider, wonder, or contemplate. I hope to spend more time in contemplation, prayer and writing. I plan to practice the Ignatian Daily Examen* at the end of each day, in order to learn and grow spiritually. I would like to look at nature and humanity with awe and wonder, and to be more aware of God’s wisdom shown through all of creation.

May your new year bring many good moments that bring you joy, and enough challenges to strengthen you. May you notice abundant blessings with a heart that is grateful for each one of them. May you find time for loving relationships and time for contemplative solitude. May you be open to new ideas and new adventures, while grateful for traditions and memories. Most of all, may you feel how God is ever present; loving, helping, guiding, healing you- every moment of every day.

Happy New Year!   ~Karen


*You may learn about the Examen at

2 Comments on “New Year Reflect-ions

  1. I am so thankful for this walk through Advent with you! It has been an amazing journey! I have signed up for the daily reflections with Examin, and thank you for that! I will miss Simply Soul Searching with you❣️ I love your word and may Humbly “Reflect” also! Thank you for sharing other people’s words and I thank Our Loving God and Savior for bringing you into my life every day! God’s Blessings always🙏🙏🤗❣️💕❤️


  2. Gosh, thank you so much, dear Patricia! You have blessed me greatly this past year. I’m glad you signed up for the Examen, and I will have regular blogs here, too. I am thankful for our friendship. May 2018 bring you many blessings! ❤


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