REASSURE: Monday, February 26th




Colossians 3:12-17 (NRSV)

As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved… (v. 12)

My friend Nancy and I were talking about this beautiful passage as we walked together one morning. Her version of verse 12 was, “As God’s chosen ones, holy and dearly loved…” I still remember how she spoke the words with such gentleness, a lilt in her voice. I could sense how much these words touched her heart and soul. Since then, each time I think of this passage, I can hear her say these words with incredulous awe, tenderness and reverence. I can feel her humble gratitude and amazement that God considers her holy, that God loves her dearly. My soul has been blessed because I was able to witness how God’s love had such an effect on her. (Thank you, Nancy!)

Jim and I have this entire passage (Colossians 3:12-17) framed to serve as a reminder of who we are and how we are to act- because of who we are. Tomorrow we will look at the rest of the verses. But for today, verse 12 serves as all we need to reassure one another in this life together. The word reassure means to encourage and uplift, but also to comfort and soothe.

Knowing that we are God’s chosen ones encourages and uplifts us when we are feeling inadequate or fearful. Reassured that the Creator of the universe believes in us, enables us, and has chosen us to live and be in this world, we can find hope, strength and courage.

Knowing that we are holy and beloved comforts and soothes us when we are feeling broken or brokenhearted. Reassured that the Creator of the universe forgives us, heals us, considers us holy in spite of ourselves, and dearly loves us- even (and especially) during the worst of times- we can find peace, relief, and even joy.

We are all chosen. We are all holy. We are all beloved. Jesus made that clear. The difference is that we who love and follow Jesus already know we are. THIS is the good news we must share with those who long to know that they are chosen, holy, and beloved, too.  May you be reassured by these words of Paul today. May you journey through this day in the reverent, incredulous awe of knowing just how precious you are to God, the Creator of the universe.


How do these words reassure you today? How does knowing YOU are God’s chosen, that YOU are holy and beloved, inspire you to live this day?

Do you have people in your thoughts who need to be encouraged and uplifted? How might you reassure them that they are chosen by God, just as they are?

Do you have people in your heart who need to be comforted and soothed? How might you reassure them that they are holy and beloved, especially in their brokenness?


God, Creator of the Universe,

With humble, grateful hearts we thank you for choosing us, for considering us holy, and for calling us your beloved ones. We know that we do not always live up to this ideal; instead, you are the one who chooses us to be your holy and beloved ones. This is all gift and grace. Thank you for reassuring us with your comforting, soothing, uplifting and encouraging love. Help us to share your love with others, generously and always. Amen.

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  1. Loved today’s post! I marveled at His love and support for me as l took care of Bob in his last days of AD. He never let me hit the depths of despair! I never “ hit bottom” ! Instead ( and l still praise Him for this) there was comfort and peace and yes, even pure joy! We serve an amazing God!

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