REWIND: Thursday, March 8th




Romans 8:38-39

For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Some of you may remember in the days of VHS tapes and movie rentals, there would be a message taped to each VHS: “Please be kind. Rewind.” We were asked to rewind the movie back to the beginning after watching it, as a courtesy for the next customer.

Today let’s offer that courtesy to us. What if we were to rewind our lives back to the beginning and replay them again? The story wouldn’t change, but could our perspective? Could we notice some things we hadn’t before?

I love watching our favorite movies a second (or third) time. When we do, I benefit in several ways. Knowing the ending gives more meaning to the rest of the story. I can see where the story line was leading, and how each character and scene contributed to its outcome. I notice more of the subtleties, nuances and back stories that hadn’t caught my attention before. I understand how supporting roles were important to the whole story. Often I see a character in a new light, now knowing how he or she will evolve. Insignificant moments are seen as significant. I know where the story is going, how it will end, and how the rest of the movie is the means to get us all there.

If we were to rewind and watch our lives in review all over again, we would be blessed in these same ways. Today I invite you to recall a few memorable moments in your life, whether or not they bring joy or sorrow. “Watch” these scenes again with a new vision, now as you know more of the rest of your story. Revisit these moments with the vision of God’s presence through all of them.


How did God’s presence make this moment a significant, teachable one for you? Did this moment bring you to a new understanding?

Can you see any ways in which this moment brought you to where you are today?

How might you envision a back story, a story of love, growth and faithfulness?

Are there any new meaningful revelations that seemed insignificant at the time?


When we rewind and watch our story again, our story doesn’t change. But our story does become rewritten as a loving lesson, a growth opportunity, a meaningful enrichment, a journey that makes more sense. Our story seems more worthwhile. The story doesn’t change, but we are better able to comprehend how God was always with us, “letting nothing separate us.” God was always at work… making good emerge, making sense of the incomprehensible, providing comfort, sharing our joy, and most of all, gracing all of our moments with love.

Please be kind (to yourself). Rewind.


God of our amazing life story,

When we look back on the moments of our lives, we do see your ever present love, guidance, healing, teaching, help and hope. We witness your amazing work in each day. When we remember moments- when we happen to rewind to a certain time- help us to see them in a new light, to see them with your love working in them. Thank you that we truly know that our ending will be a joyful one… and not an ending at all. Amen.

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