READERS: Thank you! Monday, April 2nd

My Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for reading these Lenten devotions. I’m humbled that you have taken the time to read them. It has been my prayer that you have been enriched or blessed in some small way this season. Thank you for encouraging me along the way! You helped me so much, more than you can know.

I have another writing assignment for Christ in Our Home due in a few months, and I also hope to finish up my book. While I focus on these projects I may not blog as often, but I hope you check in once in a while. May I ask for your prayers? Please ask that God will help me to surrender my own ego or agenda and that God may freely inspire and move; that my writing will bless God and those who read and reflect. Thank you, so much.

May we all live in the joy and the freedom of the Resurrection! Love and thanks to all of you.
Karen 🙂

8 Comments on “READERS: Thank you! Monday, April 2nd

  1. I will look forward to Christ in Your Home! I first “met you” there and have checked each issue, hoping to see you again! Also will look forward to your book! Blessings and Prayers❣️💕❤️🙏🙏🙏


    • Thank you, thank you for your encouragement all along the way, Patricia. My next writings are due in a few months and will appear in summer, 2019. Thanks for your prayers, too!


  2. Karen, I am so grateful for these Lenten devotions. They have helped me to focus my days and so many touched me with a thought, quote or verse just when I needed to hear it. As I continue my faith journey, I thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you, dear Heidi! Your encouragement means so much. You have been a gift in my life, too. Hope you are doing well!


  3. I have enjoyed your Lenten Devotions for the past two years. Looking forward to your Christ In Our Home which I read every morning. Thank you!


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