Naming What We Hope to Notice

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On our visit to see Kevin and Kenneth last summer, we discovered that Kenneth likes to floss his teeth often and so he keeps the little floss picks handy throughout the apartment. (He accepted our teasing and laughter with his gracious and gentle nature.) Since then, whenever I see a flossing pick, I think of him and Kevin, and our fun and funny time together. I have been surprised to find SO MANY tooth floss picks when I am out and about!

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In the same way, many of you know that when I find pennies on the ground, they serve as reminders that God is blessing me, loving me. Jim and I each keep a jar for the coins we find every year. We then take them to a sorting machine and donate the funds to a good cause. I usually have around $20- $30 in coins! I find lots of pennies simply because I am watchful for them.

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We notice what we talk about. Because I named pennies as a sign of God’s love, I pay attention and watch for them when I walk. I smile, thank God, and collect the coins instead of merely passing them by. Because we talked and laughed about tooth floss picks, I now take photos of them to send to my sons; I never would have noticed them before. I have become more aware and alert for these items, and so I find more of them- LOTS of them!

Think of all the good things we might notice if we name them. What if we were to ask God to help us notice certain things each day? We could ask God to help us notice the good in someone… or the blessing in a trial… or a special sign of God’s love… or a word of guidance from scripture or a faithful friend (or even a billboard)… or a reminder not to worry. I believe we would all be surprised. We would see more of God’s work, love and guidance in our lives because we would be more watchful and attentive to God.

We will notice what we talk about. We will hear the One for whom we listen. We will find direction from the One we seek to follow. We will feel the love from the One to whom we open our hearts. We will be amazed by the One who is always present and active in our lives- not because God is suddenly doing more- but because we have opened ourselves to notice more of what God is already doing.

What might you hope to notice today?

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2 Comments on “Naming What We Hope to Notice

  1. I am so behind in my e-mails! I laughed when l saw your photo of Floss Picks! How can you write a devotion about Floss Picks?! But of course you did! ( l too use them!) Naming the things we notice is a great idea! I think because of this stage in our lives (here) we have the wonderful privilege of being able to discussi things God does for us every day, all day! We have wonderful God stories to tell, and listen to, as we get to know all of our extended family! I am in a truly golden age! God has given me so much love for people here, if it comes in a little halting because my critical spirit sometimes gets in the way I have to tell Satan to get behind me and ask God for overflowing love because they are usually the ones who need it most! He always does and l am always Blessed with a new friend! God Bless you my dear friend for always “noticing”!


    • I’m smiling as I read your note! Yes, floss picks-what else?? And you are so right. As we share stories of our experiences of God, we open our eyes to see even more. Bless you, my friend.


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