Lenten Reflections- An “L” Each Day

Cross image for Lent Aaron Burden Unsplash

(Photo credit: Photographer Aaron Burden on Unsplash)

“La, la, la, la… Laughter. La, la, la, la… Lullaby.” Back when my children were watching Sesame Street, I especially enjoyed one song that Ernie and Bert sang: “La La La (Letter L).” Ernie notices how the letter L begins so many lilting and lovely words, and he suggests that Bert use those words to create a song. But when Bert begins singing, he uses words such as light bulb, linoleum and lump. Ernie tries to steer him toward words like lullaby and laughter. Of course, Bert doesn’t seem to grasp the difference!

There are many L words that can beautifully speak to our Lenten journey and focus. Beginning on Ash Wednesday (March 6th), our Lenten devotions will offer a daily word- an L verb- to guide our reflection for the day. I hope that these daily devotions will bless you this Lenten season. (There will be no devotions on Sundays, a time for Sabbath rest and worship.)

Do you see the letter L in the cross? May this Lenten time draw us ever closer to Jesus and the cross. And may we arrive at the Easter resurrection with another “L” song in our hearts- a brand new song of life and love.

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