Close to Home

Monday Whenever we read of the times when Jesus healed, fed or helped someone, we often read phrases such as: they brought to Him many… many followed Him… He saw a large crowd and felt compassion… they touched (the fringe of his coat)… they laid them down at His feet… they came came to Him in the temple. Jesus helped… Continue reading Close to Home

For This One Moment

Monday Moment, June 24th Jim and I eagerly anticipated our two-day getaway this week! He had reserved a secluded cabin overlooking the beautiful hills and forests of Logan County. We looked forward to hiking and exploring Hocking Hills State Park, along with reading, writing and reflecting on the porch at our quiet cabin in the… Continue reading For This One Moment

Say The Words Now

Monday Moment, June 3rd Last week, my dear friends- the ministry/office staff of St. John- took me to lunch as I was finishing up my time and position there. As we were eating, Pastor Michael invited the staff to share some of the things they most appreciated about me. They didn’t know this at the… Continue reading Say The Words Now