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Whenever we read of the times when Jesus healed, fed or helped someone, we often read phrases such as: they brought to Him many… many followed Him… He saw a large crowd and felt compassion… they touched (the fringe of his coat)… they laid them down at His feet… they came came to Him in the temple. Jesus helped those who came close. He could not help everyone, but he helped the ones that came to him or were brought to him in a variety of ways, in a variety of settings.

Each day we are shown any number of needs in the world. We are told of the problems when we watch the news or look at social media. We see the troubles when we are out in our communities. We hear of the issues in conversations. As individuals, we cannot possibly solve all the problems we encounter. But when certain troubles come “close to home,” whether they are struggles that our loved ones are enduring, or a problem we encounter for ourselves, or an issue that especially touches our hearts, we feel more compelled to take action and do what we can to help!

What if the challenges that have come close to home are actually invitations from God, asking us to help? We know that God does not create problems, but what if God touches our hearts- makes us aware of the nearness and dearness of certain troubles- as our personal call to be God’s hands in the world? I cannot help but wonder how much good we could do if each of us tried to alleviate or heal the problems that are closest to our homes and hearts, doing what we can for those issues that deeply affect our souls.

For me, a trouble that has come close to home- and so has become one of my greatest concerns- is for LGTBQ+ justice and equality. I was being transformed throughout my life, but when my son Kevin came out to me, I became passionate to make a difference. The mistreatment, inequalities, and exclusions of my son and other dear ones have moved me to be more vocal and active, to work for their good- and ours.

In recent months these issues have come “close to home” for me again. For that reason, this week I will be sharing daily thoughts about my journey and new perspectives, encouragement for those who are on this same journey, and my faith and trust in the God who loves us all. I hope you will be blessed.

(If you know of others who might benefit from reading words of encouragement and support this week, please share my blog with them. Thank you!)


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4 Comments on “Close to Home

  1. Oh Karen you really touched my heart❣️ I have a beloved Granddaughter who came out several years ago and is in a relationship with a girl l also love! It’s love the sinner and hate the sin. Mom left my son for another woman when Katie was in high school, which, at the time impacted her negatively! I will eagerly follow your blog❣️Blessings for the journey🙏🙏🙏🙏


    • ❤ Thank you my dear encourager! I hope you are even more blessed as the week goes on. I have some new thoughts about “hating the sin” that may touch your heart. May you be blessed as you always bless me.


  2. Thank you Karen. Your writings are an inspiration. Hope others pick up on these.


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