Stepping Forward


Friday, Day Five

We stand on the threshold of a twilight- whether morning or evening we do not know. One is followed by the night, the other heralds the dawn. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

We all face an equally unknown future as we prepare to leave this threshold, no matter how the door closed behind us. Those who have left the old room happily, and those who have left the old room reluctantly, now stand together on the same threshold of this new and different day.

At first this may seem disquieting, but the uncertainty can actually be a gift. Our temporary and uncertain earthly days draw us to the eternal and certain presence of God. We can be assured that God holds our future, whether we are entering the morning or the evening. Most of all, we know that God is doing something new in us, and if we allow God to work freely, God will do something good, too.

This week we have focused on the closed door and threshold time. Now is the time to move forward, to look around this new room and ask new questions. We begin by tending ourselves, looking for ways to restore our sense of peace, comfort and a bit of normalcy.

As we look at our new life before us, what is familiar? Who or what is here to bring us comfort? Much like the way we might enter a crowded room or an unfamiliar place, we take a look around to see whom we know, what is being offered and available for us, and where we might find our best place to be. Seeking out comforting and comfortable things like family, friends, restful spaces, delightful treats, laughter and conversation will help us in our new life, too.

What disciplines or routines will keep me grounded in this new life? What will help restore a sense of normalcy? In the midst of my cancer treatments, I found joy in simple tasks such as making our bed and brewing the coffee each morning. Yes, I liked having a neat bedroom and drinking a mug of coffee, but I especially savored these routine tasks because they brought a sense of normalcy to the new day. Spiritual practices such as praying, journaling, worshiping or spending time in nature also help to center us, comfort us, and calm us.

When we are ready, the time comes to ask the most important questions of all, as we begin to look beyond ourselves, turning our focus outward to those around us.

Who or what seems to need our attention here? Have we entered this room for another reason? Are we here to bless someone else now? Asking God to help us make the most of our situations and experiences, we can find ways to use our trials and joys to bless God, serve others, or improve the world in some way. We can offer help or hope for those who are experiencing what we have. We become aware that we are here in this new room, not only for our own blessing, but so we may bless others. In the end, we may make the most of this new place by letting God use us for purposes beyond ourselves.

We actually enter a new room with the dawn of each day, don’t we? How wonderful it is that we have a God who already is there waiting for us, waiting to show us new light and life and joy and love. May we venture forth into this new day, this new life, knowing we have everything we need- and so much more- to live this life fully anew, fully alive, and fully amazed!  

Do not remember the former things,
    or consider the things of old.
I am about to do a new thing;
    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
    and rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 43:18-19 (NRSV)


(Photo by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash)



6 Comments on “Stepping Forward

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this series, Karen, as well as previous reflections. Thank you for your sincerity, humility, vulnerability and strong faith. Your sharing helps us all!


    • Oh, Cristy, your words bless me! Thank you for this encouragement. I am so glad we have connected.


  2. Today l take away your sentiment of the comfort of doing routine, normal things in the midst of your cancer treatment. Having that first cup of coffee in the morning, before Bob got up, gave me the peace and comfort in my spirit to help me get through the day! It is so true that the important things, the wonderful normal things go with you in the new life, through the new door. I have always said God Never let me hit bottom, There was always a level of comfort to be found! Your insight is always comforting too! Today’s post was like a warm lovely blanket of comfort! Blessings ❣️🙏🙏


    • Oh, what lovely words you use- “blanket of comfort” is so graciously descriptive. Thank you, Patricia!


  3. Karen, this series was God-inspired and God-timed. I just printed it off for my mom who is (not truly happily) moving to senior housing at the age of 91. This is a difficult time for her, but your words may be able to remind her that she can bless others at her new home and look for why she is called to live there. Thank you!


    • Thank you, Heidi, for your words of blessing and letting me know that it blessed your journey. Isn’t it so wonderful that when we share stories, we find others journeying with us? (My mom is also doing this. I wrote, thinking of her.) Prayers for all of you in these days!


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