Some After-Halloween Observations

Twas the day after Halloween,

and out on the street

Karen found remnants

of the night’s Trick-or-Treat.


(This trash did not make it

into the garbage bins-

but before we get critical,

read ‘Those “Unknown” Sins’)


I found wrappers and boxes

run over by cars.

Then what should appear

but whole candy bars!


But first, I have news that

we all need to hear:

“Spidey” was Raptured

and yep… we’re still here.


So I offer some wisdom

since we’ll be here next year.

(I hope you enjoy

this Halloween cheer.)



1. One person’s trash is another one’s treasure. Or blog inspiration.



2. In a random sample of the whole pieces of candy left behind (unwanted), chewy fruit candy beat chocolate by a ratio of 19:4. Stick with chocolate.



3. All that glitters isn’t gold- or edible.



4. Some things are better left behind.



5. Fruit is a much healthier choice, if it is actually eaten.



6. Remember how much a smile can brighten someone’s day. Unless you’re a skeleton.



7. Smartees are everywhere. It may be best to ignore them sometimes.



8. Always look for the gems in every circumstance.



(I found two pennies- my symbolic reminders of God’s loving presence.)

9. God is in everything, if we only notice.


I hope this Nerdy blog writer made you Snicker today!



2 Comments on “Some After-Halloween Observations

  1. Cute Karen‼️ Since we don’t have Trick or treaters here we had a nice Halloween party and families were invited! We had a great deal of candy and l was reminded of a saying my dentist always said”Halloween Night is the dentist’s Delight!” To that l might add,”But it really doesn’t matter if your teeth come out at night,”. Our Older Residents really love their candy‼️😉😋


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