Promises of Hope- Reflection; Saturday, December 7th



Light the Prophecy Candle.

This week we considered a few of the prophets who foretold of the coming of a Messiah in their Promises of Hope. These prophets were called to first name the disobedience and brokenness of the people from God. Some were even called to warn of the impending hardships that would result from their brokenness. Finally, all the prophets were called to proclaim the hope for a brighter future, assured through the promises of God. The prophets considered themselves only the messengers of God’s words, never seeking their own purposes and often risking their lives to speak God’s words of truth.

One only has to read a bit of the world news to know that prophets of hope are needed today. If you were to be a prophet…

~ What would you first address as the main brokenness of your community and/or our world?

~ What would you name as the most hopeful possibility for our future? Where do you see glimpses of light and change and hope?

~ Oftentimes appearances are not realities. We may need to use wisdom and discernment before casting judgment on a person or a situation. Can you think of a time when you misjudged a situation or a person based on appearances alone?

~ Given the opportunity to speak as a prophet, what steps might you take to ensure that you are speaking God’s message and not your own intention?

Now imagine you are acting as a prophet to yourself…

~ Is there any brokenness or disobedience that you would like to change? Where might this brokenness lead if it should continue?

~ Where do you find your hope? What would be your first step toward a brighter future?

~ Are there any new gifts you are discovering within you that you would like to begin using?

~ What words of challenge would you give yourself?


Spend some time in quiet and grateful reflection.


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