Places of the Heart- Reflection; Saturday, December 14th



This week we looked at a few places where Jesus lived, served and loved. We recognized that love lives in all of our Places of the Heart– places we will remember, places where we learned and grew, places where precious memories began, places where we were welcomed and cherished and treasured. Our Places of the Heart are formed where Love is found- through relationships, feelings and experiences, not in structures alone.

~What would you consider as your five favorite Places of the Heart?

~Do you have any places that may have been uncomfortable or painful, and yet became a place where you grew in love?

~If you don’t already have one, how might you create a special place for time with God?

~Jesus called the disciples, showing us the love that comes from trust and reliance. In what way might you deepen your trust in him? What personal treasure of value are you willing to place in his hands?

~Jesus healed many people, showing us the compassion and the hope he has for all of us. In what way might you show another person compassion and hope? Does someone come to mind today?

~Jesus taught us a new way of being and loving, showing us love perfected. In what way might you try to live differently today? Are you being called to think or act in new ways?

~Jesus surrendered his life in love, showing us deep abiding obedience and selflessness. Where are you most selfish? With your time? Possessions? Finances? Attention? How might you change?

~You are beloved by God. How does this awareness affect your Advent waiting?


Spend some time in quiet and grateful reflection.

6 Comments on “Places of the Heart- Reflection; Saturday, December 14th

  1. That Secret Place for me lately has been in waiting rooms, at hospital and home, it’s been in the slow healing that’s come in, one breath at a time. Often too, in the pain and waiting I’ve had to pray through for others. It’s been in the rich times of prayer, as a group and individually. Often in the Stillness of an early dawn, esp there, I’ve had that hug that makes every bit of life sacred and indispensable. Thankyou for some of the best posts ever. God bless your heart. It must be His home too.


  2. So many places of the heart for me over the years and now it is here! I have often thought of Jesus, with no home to call his own and just the clothes on his back and he is our shining example of home being anywhere that love is. I often think the phrase”- and all the trappings” is so appropriate! Material things tend to “trap” so many people into thinking that’s what the need to be happy! They miss the most important reason for pure joy, JESUS❣️ You, dear Karen, point out that one most important thing needed so Beautifully in all your posts‼️ God Bless you❣️❤️🙏🙏🤗


  3. Oh my friend, you constantly amaze me with your joy (and next week is all about JOY)! I so agree, that many material goods only serve to burden us in some way. Thank you for being my joy today. ❤


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