Perceivers of Joy- Reflection; Saturday, December 21st



This week we took another look at several Bible passages about sheep and shepherds. Jesus blesses us as our dear Shepherd, as One who looks out for our good, who tends and guides us, who nurtures and protects us, who always brings us into the shelter of his love. We remembered Moses and the joy he could have in knowing that everywhere he went, God was with him; he was always on holy ground. We rejoice in that God searched for us and found us, even before we knew we were lost. We are grateful for Jesus’ kind mercy and empowerment for Peter, who had failed him three times.

~Which of these stories resonated with you most? What would be the reason it did?

~Are you generally a joyful person? What do you see as the reason for your joy or your lack of joy?

~Can you recall a moment when you felt deep, abiding joy? Have you ever felt an inexplicable joy during a difficult time?

~Can you recall a time when you felt lost- physically or emotionally? Who served as the shepherd for you?

~Have you ever been led astray by someone dear to you, someone you trusted? What insights did you gain, what lessons did you learn?

~Have you been a shepherd of joy for someone in your life? In what ways did you serve that person?

~Do you currently feel a calling from God to journey on a new adventure? How does Moses’ example help you?

~We find great joy in Peter’s story, in the knowledge that Jesus loves us anyway! In what ways are you ready for a new beginning? What might you leave behind in order to move forward?

~What is giving you the greatest joy this Advent?


Spend some time in quiet and grateful reflection.

4 Comments on “Perceivers of Joy- Reflection; Saturday, December 21st

  1. l focus on the “inexplicable” joy l have felt through my lifetime with Jesus! I think that may be my new word! 61 years ago l felt panic when l realized l was pregnant with a fourth child! I really questioned God’s wisdom because l did not think we could afford another child! God had the last laugh and l delivered twins and the first set in either of our families that we could find! We got our daughter Jan and another boy, Jay! They have brought Bob and l and all our family such joy and blessings! Yesterday Jan had a family Christmas Brunch and My ride there was with Jay and Kendall and their daughter and my amazing granddaughter Stephanie! Blessings to you for always giving me joyful things to ponder❣️🙏🙏❤️💕💖🤗


    • Oh my goodness, what a surprise- and what joy! I can picture your smile as you wrote these words. Thank you!


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