Are You Talking to ME? (Introduction to Lenten Devotional Series)


Are You Talking to ME?

Tuesday, February 25th

I was struggling to keep awake as I sat in the middle of a large university lecture hall on an early Monday morning. Just as my head began to nod, the professor yelled to me, “Go ahead and sleep, I don’t care!” Startled awake, I ‘looked around’ the hall for the dozing culprit, vainly pretending the professor wasn’t addressing me. I could tell by the looks on the students’ faces that I wasn’t fooling anyone. (My surprise and embarrassment from being called out kept me wide awake for the remainder of the class!)

Do we do this when we read the Bible- try to convince ourselves that Jesus couldn’t be talking to us? Do we regard the words of Jesus as if they are meant only for those hypocritical Pharisees, or those clueless disciples, or those crowds of self-centered people? Instead of taking his words to heart, do we inwardly think, “You tell them, Jesus!”?

Do we read the words of Jesus as if we are half-asleep? “Oh, yes, I already know this story, this parable, this lesson.” Do we miss out on his personal word for us in the present moment? Do we neglect to reapply his words to our own daily living and being?

This Lent, our devotional theme is Are You Talking to Me? Jesus asked many questions of people as he journeyed this earthly life. His questions helped people determine what they most needed from him. His questions invited people to grow and change. His questions opened hearts and souls to deeper meaning and significance. We will consider some of the questions Jesus asked of others and then ask Jesus, “Are you talking to ME?” How will his questions invite us to grow and learn during this Lenten season?

May our Lenten meditations foster a closer relationship to Jesus, who came to teach, heal, lead, love, and live within us all. May our answers to his questions bring insight, awareness, gratitude, and deeper abiding. May his questions open our eyes, clarify our purposes, and pierce our souls, as we answer each of them personally.

Are you talking to ME?


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

(Daily meditations will continue through Tuesday after Easter, except for Sundays.)

7 Comments on “Are You Talking to ME? (Introduction to Lenten Devotional Series)

  1. Hi Karen! I am so looking forward to the Lenten devotions! Question for you – is there a book/books of the Bible that are the focus of the coming devotions, or any that show up a lot? I’m also planning to dig into text on my own as part of Lent and I thought it would be fun to coordinate with these devotions.

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    • Thank you SO much, Michelle! I have chosen from a variety of verses from the gospels- but this week, they will be: Wednesday, Luke 6:46-49; Thursday, John 1:35-39; Friday, Matthew 7:15-20; Saturday, John 6:60-63, 66-69; Monday, Luke 8:27-30, Tuesday, Matthew 7:1-5; and Wednesday, Matthew 11:7-11. I will post readings for the next weeks on Sunday. I hope you are blessed!


  2. Guilty, guilty!! It is if you peeked into my mind!😉 l do my devotions early and sometimes l think l know the verses, words, story, and don’t stop to read them😱 You we’re speaking to me and you have my attention‼️Thanks also for the verses you posted for Michelle! I will read them. Blessings❣️❣️🙏🙏🤗


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