Seasons of Preparation

How is it that these trees bless my daily walk with their radiant beauty against the bright blue sky, their branches uplifted to the heavens as if in praise to the One who made us all?

Are they able to do so…

… because they once experienced the joy of thriving, as they grew and expanded in the warm summer sunshine, or the generosity of sharing, as their shade provided welcome relief for those who paused beneath?

… because they once experienced the freedom of surrender, as they gently released their colorful leaves to the chilly autumn breezes, or the humility of simplicity, as they bared their branches in preparation for the season to come?

… because they once experienced the strengthening through hardship, as they endured icy winds and frosty snows, or the patience of abiding, as they remained steadfast and strong against the blustery bitterness of winter?

… because they once experienced the deepening in trust, as they extended their seeking roots further into the soft ground, or the wisdom of anchoring, as they braced themselves for the stormy tempests of early spring?

Are these the very reasons
they are now able to return
in bright and beautiful splendor?

Have all the seasons of life- seasons that brought experiences of joy, growth, generosity, freedom, surrender, humility, simplicity, preparation, strengthening, hardship, endurance, patience, deepening, trust, anchoring and wisdom- actually enabled them to blossom and glorify their Creator in this fresh new way?


(photos by Karen 🙂 )


6 Comments on “Seasons of Preparation

  1. I. Love. Trees! Your photos are lovely, and so was your post❣️I have enjoyed our flowering trees and huge, old, beautiful, tall Fir Trees here in the Pacific Northwest. When we bought property in Prineville, amongst the shorter, a little stubby but sturdy, Juniper trees, we chose a spot for our house where we would not have to cut down a single tree! Now, back to Gresham OR and l have lovely, flowering trees blossoming right outside my window! Trees are mentioned, and also play a big part in so many stories throughout the Bible! They are living, breathing gifts from God‼️ God Bless❣️❣️🙏🙏🤗


    • Oh yes, trees are one of God’s magnificent gifts! We need to plant a few here sometime soon. Isn’t nature such a blessing in so many ways? Thanks again, Patricia!


  2. Great questions to ponder! With gratitude. Love your perspective!


    • Yes- what a treasured gift for our days! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, Cristy. From one writer to another! 😉


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