An Encouraging Word #5: Recollection

Today’s encouraging word is recollection.

Recollection is defined as “the action or power of recalling to mind; something recalled to the mind,” but also includes the blessings of “tranquility of mind” and “religious contemplation.”1 Our recollections can become precious gifts for us now, and for all of our days to come.

With each passing year, I become increasingly grateful that I have kept a journal most of my life. At times I will read a few entries from the past and come to recognize more clearly how God was working, or I discover a wonderful memory I had forgotten, or I reread the details of special moments with greater appreciation. Our recollections can enable us to “re-collect” and transform our original and perhaps unnoticed moments into blessings of richer depth, clarity and significance.

The way we “record” memories of our daily moments can enable us to more fully appreciate God’s loving presence in all of life. How we learn to revisit our past can help us to redefine and reshape our life stories into ones of strength, courage, hope, and joy. Our stories can then become sources of inspiration, encouragement, and vision for tomorrow.

In the last meal shared with his disciples, Jesus extended an invitation for all of us to remember him each time we break bread with one another. His invitation extends far beyond remembering the sadness of his death. When we remember Jesus, we recollect his lessons and his life’s example. We remember his complete love for God and for all of us. We recall his glorious resurrection, the new and eternal life beyond the loss of death. We remember his promise to be with us and that his presence continues within and among us. Most of all, we then remember him by continuing his life of love through our own lives. We become visible “recollections” of the goodness of Christ that has prevailed beyond the cross.

How will we remember the year 2020 in the years to come? Will our recollections only be of the challenges, heartaches, anxieties and losses? Or will we remember the gifts and goodness we have received along the way?

We can begin changing our perspective now. At the end of each day, we can take a moment to remember with gratitude the gifts and blessings we received and perhaps even note them in a journal. God always brings gifts. We might forget them or disregard them because we are so focused on our trials and ourselves. Turning our focus on God will help us find the goodness we can so easily miss, such as the tenderness felt, the comfort received, the love shared, the friendships strengthened, the beauty created, the lessons learned, the preparations made, the trials overcome, the hope restored, and even the joy revealed.

This year and all of our years will certainly include some sad and difficult days. But when we consider our recollections with deeper awareness and gratitude, these days will also become precious stories of abundance, provision, healing, strength and goodness, all given through God’s loving and active presence in our lives. Our life stories will become vivid recollections of the many ways we have been so truly and completely loved.

My prayer for us today…

God, may we become more aware of your loving presence with us in all of the circumstances of life. May we be better able to notice, appreciate and remember the gifts you bring amid the joys and trials that come our way. Give us open eyes and grateful hearts so that our recollections become abundantly filled with examples of your goodness in our lives. Amen.



Photo by Karen 🙂 My writing desk.

Instead of a quote, I have a touching video to share with you about the moments of our lives. “Dude Dad” may be found on YouTube.

2 Comments on “An Encouraging Word #5: Recollection

  1. Today’s post was a delight! I have always been thankful for your posts but l have been also been “ binging” on Dude Dad!😂🤣
    l have been so grateful for the Journals aka Blessings l have kept over the years! I have been enjoying the Journals of our travels in our Motor Home, just recently! Good memories! Also the ones l kept of our Journey with Alzheimer’s , which were filled with the moments when l gave up and then God Really took over and lifted me up to heights, that could only Be Godly, in the midst of despair! These memories were the ones that reinforce my Faith and let me know that our God is bigger than anything that happens to us, including the Pandemic, because He Really Is Bigger than Anything, Always and Forever❣️ Blessings ❣️❤️💕💖🙏🙏🤗


    • Your words especially bless me today! YES. Our journals become testimonies of God’s faithfulness in all of our days, don’t they?!
      And I’m a new fan of Dude Dad! Thanks again, my friend!


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