Five Minute Friday (But Posted Sunday): People

(I am posting late- had a busy weekend- but this is from Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday prompt. The link is under her prompt photo. Thank you, Kate and fellow writers!)

The People of Thursday, July 2…

Jim and I leave home early to drive 5 hours north. We don our masks for the rest stops. We learn to recognize the smiles of others by the way their eyes sparkle.

This is our daughter’s 25th birthday. We meet her for a picnic lunch and a short hike at an area park. We catch up on the news of her life as we keep our safe distances from one another.

Next, we stop to see my sister for a brief but lively conversation. We sit across the room from her. She shares her always-warm hospitality and we drink sparkling waters.

Finally, we see my elderly mom through the glass doors in the hallway of her assisted living residence. We place our palms with hers on opposite sides of the window, silently expressing the touch we long to share. We talk on the phone and watch her open early birthday gifts. We stand and watch as she makes her way back to her room. Tears flow.

Later we check into a small bungalow for an overnight stay.

The small photo on the table reads,

“Distance means so little when someone means so much.”

6 Comments on “Five Minute Friday (But Posted Sunday): People

  1. This is lovely, Karen, and so poignant. My dad is in a nursing home in Prince Edward Island, 1800 km from where I live in Ontario. We cannot visit him this summer because of the pandemic — the first summer in 34 years that I won’t go “home.”

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    • Thank you, Jeannie. These are certainly trying times, aren’t they? Thank you for your writing, for your encouragement, and for letting me know our shared story. Peace to you.

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  2. Karen, the last line is just lovely.

    I’m going through nightly pain-spike hallucinations. Apparently last night I was absolutely sure Barb was Abraham Lincoln, and for a while had her convinced as well.

    Belle the service dog summoned her by hitting a bell-push (hahaha) with her paw.

    The previous night she said I was sure she was Brad Pitt, and then Chuck Norris.

    Who said dying can’t can’t be entertaining?

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  3. It was my daughter’s 25th birthday the week before. Hadn’t seen her for months. You miss them so much. I hope your daughter had a good birthday x


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