(Week 3) Why Do I Cry…?

On this my third week, when I invited Jesus to join me on my walk, my eyes immediately filled with tears again- even more than before. I tried to just quietly remain in his presence, but the obvious question was right there:

“Jesus, why do I cry each time I envision you walking with me?”

As we walked on together, he gave me several insights. Friends, I hope that as you read these, you will also envision Jesus at your side, perhaps telling you these very same things…

Karen, I have become your oldest and dearest friend, the one who has been with you through everything in your life. I am the friend who knows you better than you know yourself. I know all your doubts and insecurities, and I am the one who encourages you to let them go. I have helped you overcome your trials and challenges. I have forgiven your mistakes and shortcomings. I have celebrated your joys and victories. I know all there is to know about you, and I love you completely. You are beautiful in my sight. Your tears flow out of the awareness that you are beloved.

When I come to your side, you feel like the wounded child who maintains a brave face until she can fall apart in the embrace of one who cares for her deeply. You cry while my peaceful presence surrounds your sad and anxious spirit, giving you comfort, serenity and hope. Your tears flow from the relief of having me close.

You also cry in my presence because you feel sad and sorry for everything that once happened to me- for the terrible and beautiful awareness that there is no pain I have not experienced or do not understand. Your tears spill out in a combination of deep sorrow and deep gratitude.

You cry because you are so grateful for how far you have come… for these bonus days you are living, for the love that I have shown you in every circumstance. So you long to have everyone feel the love you are feeling in these sacred moments. You hope to live out my love and peace and presence in this world, to become a light of my love. Your tears flow out of appreciation for my goodness in your life, and out of your earnest desire for others to know that same goodness.

Your tears stem from your heart that is feeling so vulnerable, so soft and tender toward others, especially in these difficult days. Your heart hurts for your family, for your friends, and for the world. In these uncertain and trying times, you have become so deeply aware that life is precious, that people are precious. Your tears flow from your heart that is filled with concern and compassion for others, as well as frustration from being unable to do more for them.

I hope you regard your tears as a gift. Your tears flow out of love. The love you feel from me, the love you feel for me, and the love you feel from and for others.

Let your tears flow freely. Let your love flow generously. I will be at your side, loving you all the way.

(Photo by Karen)

4 Comments on “(Week 3) Why Do I Cry…?

  1. Very, very moving Karen. I am a crier when moved so the tears flowed as l read His answers to you! I once had a prayer that, in the eyes of some, was perhaps silly! I even apologized to God for bothering Him and when shortly after my prayer, l had my answer, tears flowed as l thanked Him, in awe “ You weren’t too busy”! He is Never too busy for us, even for something little, and Never, Ever too busy to walk with us! “ and He walks with us and He talks with us along life’s Narrow Way!” And then he opens our eyes up wide with a His answers‼️ God Bless❣️❤️💕💖🙏🙏🤗


    • Oh my friend, we can use a good cry at times, can’t we?? And you’re right, how very blessed we are to have the God of comfort, always present and ready to listen! Thanks so much! ❤


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