(Week 4) Do You See the World Differently Than I Do?

As I began this week’s walk with Jesus, I couldn’t immediately sense his presence and so- this may have looked strange- I reached out for his hand. The idea of his touch brought back that feeling of deep connection. I was content to simply walk together, both of us enjoying the sunshine and scenery in quiet companionship.   

But as I looked around, I envisioned him also looking at the world around us…

“Jesus, do you see the world differently than I do?”

I then asked him to wait a few minutes before answering me because there were too many neighbors and other distractions around. 😊 Once we came to a quiet road, here is what I heard him say.

This world is incredibly smaller than you can even imagine, Karen. If you were able to comprehend the infinite universe God has created, as well as the smallness of your planet in God’s perspective, you would be both astonished and humbled. You would understand how everything around you- and especially yourself- are really so insignificantly small.

And yet you are so infinitely loved- as well as your community, your country, your world, and the entire universe. This is how incredible and awesome the love of God is. When I look around, I see my Father’s work in every person, every home, every creature, every planet, every star. You all are works of our perfect God, created in love.

Here is a gift for you to know. As infinite as the universe, God’s infinite love pours into your tiny self, down to your tiniest cells. Trusting in this infinite, outpouring love will help you to love, serve, and live without fear. This infinite love will inspire you, bring you peace, and enable you to pour out generous love, too.

We walked on…

When you look at your daily living, you see the joys and the sorrows, the successes and the failures. You measure the value of your days by the remarkable moments and the larger accomplishments. When I look at your daily living, I see the magical mystery of your very existence and of my presence within it. I see all the holy and hidden meanings of the world around you and within you. There is so much more spirit and joy and mystery and sacredness to your everyday moments than you can imagine. Learn to appreciate and recognize my presence, even in what you would consider mundane.

Finally, what you perceive in your daily living is not the total story, but only one small part of your journey. I see the entire picture, and in that I find the beauty and the purpose of your life. In the meantime, just know that your existence is important. That every moment is part of your growth, every moment includes my love, and every moment is an essential part of the total meaning of your life.

We continued our journey together, my heart deeply grateful for these tender morning moments, which are forming another essential part of my life, too.

Photo by Karen 🙂

2 Comments on “(Week 4) Do You See the World Differently Than I Do?

  1. I am so thankful for your today’s Walk! We are past the 4 month mark in our lockdown and l have yet to feel disheartened or less joy from Jesus! I have felt His presence this whole time and while we don’t walk together, He is alive and well in this building! Yesterday’s visit to the audiologist was pure joy as we drove there and back! Just to be outside our 4 walls and enjoy the “bigger picture” of our world! He rode with us as our Ethiopia driver listened to a Jesus” station along the way! I know our world is small but this lovely man made it larger! Blessings on your walks❣️❤️💕💖🙏🙏😇

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    • You are always so encouraging and uplifting, dear Pat! I am happy to learn that you were able to be out- and what a gift to have your driver as a friend in faith, too. Sending love!

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