Five Minute Friday: Progress

The Progress in the Pauses

Do we keep creeping forward with our headlights on low
as the fog closes in all around us~
or might this be the moment that God has in mind
to awaken, amaze and astound us?

Do we forge ahead through stormy winds
while striving for goals that we seek,
or might this be the moment to shelter inside
while waiting for God to speak?

Do we grieve when our progress is hampered
and we fall short of our dreams to achieve,
or let this be the moment for us to pause,
and give God some space to breathe?

(This post is written as part of an online writing community, Five Minute Friday. The link is under the photo and I encourage you to read other posts! We are given a one-word prompt and five minutes to write. I do need to confess that this one was written in five minutes- but I thought about it for over an hour before doing so.)

7 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Progress

  1. Karen, all I can say is that I don’t know. Barb just came home from work and found me with vomit running donw my chin, still trying to carry on with my duties. She’s taken over the dogs for the evening, bless her.
    She’s lucky she didn’t get here earlier. It had been worse. Way worse.
    I don’t know if this is progress, or regress, or something made up of the two. I can only say that if I survive the night (and the last few nights, Barb has thought I would not) the whole thing starts again.
    Still, I’m living the dream.
    The sonnet below is for you. Hope it’s coherent. These are tough hours.
    However bad the whole thing gets,
    however hard the pain,
    you, my friend, can safely bet
    that I will remain.
    Cancer’s just an interlude,
    and not the biggest part
    of the days where it intrudes,
    because the human heart
    is moved unto the infinite,
    the dance that God hath called,
    and though the mind is limited,
    the bright way it is awed
    transcends the clay of heavy earth
    and brings us to a lighter birth.


    • This is so very tender and touching… and I’m sobbing. I don’t know how you continue to write so deeply, thoughtfully. Bless you, dearest Andrew. You are forever with me.

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  2. Karen, your poem is so perfect! It gives word pictures that just come alive! Your gift of giving God to us is very special and as l work on Patience l know l must “give God time to Breathe!” Blessings❣️💖💕🙏🙏😇
    Thank you for the Link also! Prayers for Andrew are ongoing. He has touched my life also🙏🙏🙏


    • Your words never fail to bless me, my friend. And yes, giving God room to breathe is a challenge for me, too!


  3. beautiful words and imagery, especially giving God room to breathe. Grateful His breath bring life to those He breathes on, as it did for Adam.


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