(Week 9) What Would You Want Me to Write?

On this particular morning I was feeling more peaceful, so I invited Jesus to walk with me for the second time this week. As usual, I sensed that wonderful feeling of overwhelming holiness in his presence. Aware of my struggles with the silence during our last walk, I asked him to help me set aside my writer’s heart and truly listen.

But then I realized that I am a writer. I can’t ignore my writer’s heart, for writing is part of who I am. I felt a new peace in understanding that Jesus speaks to all of me, including my desire to write for others. And so I asked, “Jesus, what would you want me to write for my blog readers?”

Keep writing of the things you have experienced, the things that you know to be true about me. The world needs to hear more of these personal stories of my love and my active presence in each and every life. I hope that more people will share their own stories of peace and hope that come from my loving work in their lives, as well.

I would like your readers to truly know that I am present here and now, with all of you. I will always be your companion and friend, your encouragement and comforter. And even as I am already with you, you will sense my presence more profoundly when you actually invite me and open yourself to my presence. Come to me, seek me.

“I know that you, as Christ, are always present with me. I know that you, as the Spirit, speak to me. I know that you, Jesus, fully understand us because you have experienced all of this earthly life, too.”

Jesus went on…

I would like you and your readers to know that you can come to me as you are. Are you a writer? Seek me with your earnest desire to hear and write my words, as well as your doubts about doing so. Are you a parent? Seek me with all of your joys and frustrations, hopes and concerns for your family. Are you a busy worker with a full schedule, active career? Seek me in the commutes, the bathroom breaks, the quiet moments before you sleep.

Are you embarrassed, humiliated, angry, annoyed, anxious, sad, confused, resentful, or overwhelmed? You do not need to wait until a better time, until you are more perfect or ready or suitable. Come to me as you are, because I am already with you…

just waiting for you to see.

(Next week’s post will be the last of this series- I hope you have been blessed by these conversations. And a new weekly series will begin on Monday! I’m very excited- and hope you will be, too!)

Photos by Karen 🙂

6 Comments on “(Week 9) What Would You Want Me to Write?

  1. I loved this Post and l have truly enjoyed this series! Sometimes we forget to just stop and talk to Jesus because He does meet us Wherever we are and he already has an answer for us, if we stop and listen. l am glad he encouraged your writer’s heart❣️🤗. I was Happy to read also that He approves of talking to Him during a bathroom break! This series has been heartwarming, enlightening and Soul Searching! Blessings to you and Jim❣️❤️💖💕🙏🙏🙏😇


    • Thank you again, dear Pat! We have been thinking of you and Sandi. You both are being surrounded in love. ❤


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