Five Minute Friday: Could

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is the word, COULD. To me, could feels like an invitation, a possibility…

How could I make the most of this day?

How could I know peace in the middle of uncertainty?

How could I bring joy to someone who is sad?

How could I dream beyond the mundane?

How could I discover what lies beyond my vision?

How could I find wisdom simply by being still?

How could I explore a new way of being?

How could I become more than I imagine?

With each new question, I begin to see that another word for could is


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17 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Could

  1. “How could I explore a new way of being?” I like this question, and you are right that the answer is God. He is making all things new. If any one is in Christ he is a new creation.

    Amie, FMF #12


  2. Karen, this is just lovely, and the progression to ‘could’ being God is masterful.

    In a time where possibilities are decidedly limited (with the worsening of a symptom I’ll not describe, it’s been an “Oh, CRAP!” morning), there is still one ‘could’ set before me, every single day.

    Could I learn to embrace the suck, and live the time I have, where I am, without wishing for more, or pretending this isn’t happening.

    It’s a choice, I guess. And I pray for the courage to choose it, every day.

    I hope it’s not too late.

    Could it be that all my speed
    just took me far from God?
    Was my ambition really greed,
    a paradigm so flawed
    that I was blinded by the shine
    of gemstones set in mire,
    and in my lust to make them mine
    committed to the fire
    everything I could have been
    in holding to His Word,
    in turning from the world of men
    and setting my eyes toward
    that magic where the Three are One,
    and Easter Rising of the Son?


  3. Lovely “Coulds” from you and, Oh My Andrew’s also! Every “Could” leads to our Ever Lasting, Ever Giving, Ever Present Always, GOD❣️🙏🙏🙏


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