Five Minute Friday: YOUR

The word YOUR
is the path on which
we move from MY
to become OUR.

My life
my vocation
my gifts
my finances
my blessings
my time
my world

have all been graciously given from you, God.

Help me to find the true ‘possessive perspective’…

Your life
your vocation
your gifts
your finances
your blessings
your time
your world

So that all I have been graciously given may be shared as

Our life
our vocation
our gifts
our finances
our blessings
our time
our world


(Five Minute Friday is an online writing community. Each week, we are given a one-word prompt and five minutes to write. To join with us or to read other posts, I encourage you to follow the link below the image.)

16 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: YOUR

  1. This reminds me of an old Irish story which I have (ahem!) placed in sonnet form.

    A warrior king of ancient Eire,
    near death, took hold of Irish sod,
    and figured when he got there,
    to Heaven, he’d ask God
    to let him in with this beloved
    souvenier of his lost land,
    but St. Peter, looking rugged,
    said he’d have to open hand
    and leave the sod outside the gate
    before the king could be
    admitted to the Lord’s estate.
    He weeping did, and then could see
    as gate swung wide, familiar scene
    of his own Eire, so ever-green!

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  2. I love this entire piece! Beautifully written. “The word YOUR
    is the path on which we move from MY to become OUR” – thank you for your fresh perspective.


  3. Love what you’ve done with this difficult prompt. Great perspective.


  4. I am late in responding but what a treat this early Sunday morning to enjoy your Post! So many people get stuck on their possessions and never make the progression to Ours! They are missing out on so much pure joy!

    ,Andrew also made the point so well, I believe there will be so much more than we can ever imagine in Heaven that we will be overwhelmed with the Beauty and won’t miss a single thing! Always Blessed by this site❣️Blessings and prayers for you and Andrew❣️❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️💖💕😇


    • Thanks, dear Pat and yes, he always adds so much! How blessed we are that when he shares his words, they become “ours” too.


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