Five Minute Friday: Help

days are too busy
nights are too brief
stress overwhelms
we can’t find relief

the path is uncertain
the future obscure
we long to keep moving
but feel so unsure

a friend needs our comfort
we can’t find the words
and inside we wonder
if words will be heard

prayers seem inadequate
we fumble and doubt
what shall I say, God?
one word stumbles out


(Five Minute Friday is an online writing community. Each week, we are given a one-word prompt and five minutes to write. You may find other thoughts and posts at the link under the image!)

25 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Help

  1. So perfectly describes these days we are living. I am so grateful all we need to do is utter that one word – Help – in prayer to the One who is able to bring us the help we so need.


  2. Beautifully said, Karen.

    I am finding that as I want to call for help, the answer comes in directive…to, myself, offer help.

    In my days of straitened breath
    and pain with no relief,
    in the shadow of my death,
    and in shadowed belief,
    is there not a place to turn,
    a place to rest my head
    in that peace for which I yearn,
    or is all already said?
    And then I hear a quiet cry
    a hopeles forlorn plea
    from a pup about to die,
    his last faith pinned on me.
    I pick him up, shaking, sighing,
    and feel the heartbeat of Divine.


  3. Love it! When we get down to the end we yell help and the Lord Hears us‼️Even here and now in lockdown l find l am busy! But it is a good busy, helping others! Those who have so much fear of what is going to happen! One verse stands out loud and clear! Our Help comes from the Lord! We really have nothing to fear! I rest in His help and can honestly assure others of the truth of scripture and especially my new favorite Psalm 16, verse 8! Blessings❣️Hope you enjoyed, or are still enjoying, your visit with your grandsons❣️


  4. That is a beautiful verse! God is always helping us! Thanks for sharing with me. Your strong faith shines as you help others, Pat. What a gift.
    (I’m home now, but had a lovely visit! Thanks!) ❤


  5. Well said, Karen! Perfectly captures our times but God hears and answers our cries for help x


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