Five Minute Friday: Disappoint

“Disappoint” is an appropriate word for this year,
a word I’ve grown weary of considering.
I would much rather write of hope, joy, and cheer,
of moments and times worth remembering.
But life holds much more than wonderful news
or goals achieved or a glorious view,
and in the valley of failures and tears
I find I’ve drawn closer to You.  

(Five Minute Friday is an online writing community. Each week, we are given a one-word prompt and five minutes to write. You may find more posts and other information at the link under the image!)

19 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Disappoint

  1. Karen, it is so true – ‘disappoint’ is the right word to describe so much of this year. I didn’t even realize it until seeing the word prompt. But may each disappointment grow our roots down deep into the One who will never disappoint! Blessings!


  2. “In the valley of failures and tears I find I’ve drawn closer to You” – this sums up my year perfectly. Thank you for this inspired poem Karen x


  3. Great work, Karen!

    I hope that there is hope to seek,
    that it can conquer fear;
    I’ve lost more ground in this last week
    than has been lost all year.
    Every breath now hurts far worse
    than the one before;
    this feels like some malignant curse
    and I can’t do much more,
    but still I lift my weary eyes
    unto the distant hills,
    and while those around surmise
    that this cancer kills,
    I’ll live on faith I have to borrow
    that I’ll be here to see tomorrow.

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  4. Lovely! Once again you resonate with so many of us! In talking to Jay (youngest son) the other morning we talked about our disappointments and troubles serve us well because these are the times we feel closest to our Lord! When we lean on Him he gives us His Super Natural Strength to go on and the disappointments go away but His strength remains❣️🙏🙏🙏


    • Wow, it seems we all shared the same thoughts this week! And yes, God’s strength always overcomes. ❤


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