Five Minute Friday: Vote

Happy birthday, my son.
My greeting feels hollow.
You’ve faced difficult days –
seems more are to follow.

Happy birthday, my son,
though fires burn around,
thick smoke fills your air,
and ash coats the ground.

Happy birthday, my son.
On this day of your birth,
are you wishing that leaders
would care for our earth?

Happy birthday my son,
but please stay inside.
Folks won’t wear masks.
It’s their right and their pride.

Happy birthday, my son,
may you both remain healthy.
Your healthcare may be taken
in choices by the wealthy.

Happy birthday, my son,
though our family is shattered;
as racist systems and violence
show black lives don’t matter.

Happy birthday, my son,
but I cannot pretend
that I’m not concerned
for your rights as gay men.

Happy birthday, my son.
Yes, it’s been a tough year
and this hasty Appointment
just adds to our fear.

Happy birthday, my son.
What more can I say?
Happy birthday, my son…

I voted today.


This is a mom’s lament that I began composing earlier this week. Today’s prompt seemed a fitting time to finish it and share.

(Five Minute Friday is an online writing community. Each week, we are given a one-word prompt and five minutes to write. You may find more posts at the link below the image!)

12 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Vote

  1. No matter the outcome of this election, I pray for you, your son, and for us all in the days ahead.

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  2. Whew, Karen. That’s so much on so many levels from your mother’s heart. Thank you, friend. Hoping, praying and voting with you.


  3. yes, praying is such an opportunity to invest in the next generation even in the midst of a crooked and twisted culture. our call is to pray, vote, pray…it is the only way!


  4. Karen, wow…what a heartfelt poem!

    I really need to urge this,
    and push must come to shove,
    that not voting is remiss;
    it affects those that you love.
    A vote not cast’s not wasted
    (though it may seem thus to you);
    it’s a chance untasted
    that another will accrue
    to benefit from unmade choices
    and so cement a victory
    given him by silent voices
    that shirked responsibility.
    So if choice, to you, is not clear,
    vote on behalf of those held dear.

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  5. First off, Happy Birthday, Kevin! You are blessed to be the son of a wonderful & Godly woman who loves her children unconditionally, to the moon & back!!

    Next, dear Karen: Through your words I can feel your motherly love pour out, as well as the deep pain and grief you feel concerning the current state of our country and the world. You said in your post note that you began composing earlier this week and knew that today’s prompt was the fitting time to finish and share it. God has known all along that you would be His hands & voice on this topic, on this platform, on this day. Thank you for being patient and waiting for Him to give you the perfect means, opportunity and venue to share with all of us. Thank you for blessing us all.

    Proverbs 3:5-6


    • You have made me speechless, my friend. Thank you for your kind, gracious, and uplifting words. You have blessed me more than I can convey. ❤


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