Five Minute Friday: Cancel

Our word prompt for today, CANCEL, has been with us too much this year. As our plans continue to be canceled or postponed, we can become increasingly discouraged, frustrated, or sorrowful. But in some cases, we can be relieved or even joyful, such as in the cancelation of a debt, or the cancelation of school on a snowy day. Our perspective on this word varies according to our circumstances and our reactions to them.   

Each cancelation brings a new invitation. We are given an unexpected space, an opportunity to respond and to replace what has been canceled in the best way possible. We can replace our initial disappointment with hope, as we reschedule our plans for a future time. We can replace our sadness with joy, as we consider the many blessings that still abound – even in this moment. We can replace our frustration with peace and patience, as we remember that God’s time is eternal and always perfect. And when our initial response is joy or relief, we can fill the new and unexpected space with acts of kindness that bring joy or relief to others.

We may hear this word, CANCEL, quite often for some time yet. May we come to see each cancelation as an invitation; an opportunity to keep growing, learning, and trusting in the One who holds all of us, through all of time… the One who invites us to grow in joy and love, no matter our circumstances.


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20 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Cancel

  1. It is so true – we can choose how we will respond to each and every cancellation. May we view them as opportunities and not disappointments. Blessings!


  2. Many dates will be revised,
    some things will not take place,
    and by God we are advised
    to take these days with grace,
    for as unlikely as it seems,
    these are part of His plan,
    though the loss of cherished dreams
    is hard to understand,
    and harder yet to explain
    to a crying child,
    why at home he must remain
    rather than run wild
    through the streets, past road’s end
    in company of bonny friends.


    • Your words are so true… how do we accept all of our trials with grace? Such mysteries we have yet to uncover… Thank you, bless you, Andrew.

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  3. Good advice for each of us. We don’t have to let circumstances pull us down. Our attitude of gratitude helps keep things in perspective.


  4. Well this was very appropriate! I tested Positive for Covin yesterday and so holidays with family, at least Thanksgiving will be cancelled for me! I am thankful for so many things! Brookdale sent me to the hospital to get treatment for low oxygen level so l was given the good news that l have a mild case and no underlying health issues and good vitals and apparently the low oxygen level tested normal at the hospital and they took it twice! (it was 83 here and 95 and 97 there!) I feel Blessed that my one son who took me to the Eye Doctor does not seem to have it! But he is doing a 2week self quarantine anyway!
    My good friend Pene was sent to a Covid place and she is not happy! So far l am allowed to stay in my room and meals are delivered and put on the table outside my door! No one comes in! Getting lots of reading done and a very welcome read was your Uplifting Post today! Blessings, as alwaysβ£οΈβ£οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜‡


    • Oh my friend… we are learning of several dear ones who have this now. I’m grateful you are doing well. Take care of you and think of next year! You are always in our prayers but especially so for these days. Love you. ❀


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