Gratitude and Grace

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I hadn’t planned to write a Thanksgiving post, but a short while ago my daughter Jennie said some words that deeply resonated with me. I wonder if someone else may need to know them, too. So, here I am…

Jennie is a psychologist; she sees firsthand how difficult the holidays can be for people. This unusual and stressful year has made these weeks leading up to the holiday season even more difficult and depressing for many.

Through this pandemic, she has often told patients to carry gratitude and grace. She first suggests that they try to find reasons to be thankful each day. With the stress everyone is enduring, she also suggests that they try to extend grace to others, to keep in mind that everyone is struggling.

Then she adds one more suggestion. She suggests that they try to extend grace to themselves. None of us are at our best this year, yet we often find it easier to forgive or overlook the mistakes of others than to do the same for ourselves. This blessed me so much.

Have you disappointed someone? Have you snapped at a loved one? Have you forgotten something important? Have you been impatient with a customer service person? Have you felt weary of life? Do you feel as if you have failed in some way? Have you felt lazy or uninspired? Do you recognize that you are not your best self?

Today is the day to begin anew.
Today is the day to be thankful.
Today is the day to extend grace to others.
Today is the day to extend grace to yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


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6 Comments on “Gratitude and Grace

  1. I wrote a long Blessed Thanksgiving but my e- mail address was incorrect they said so it disappeared!😱 So l am fine and getting good care and thankful!! My children all check in every day and they are having small Thanksgiving groups! They have all checked out negative! Blessings to you and Jim and it was a special and welcome surprise to get your Post this morning! Brookdale has been decimated after being so careful and have a total of 26 and 2 deaths from Covid! They turned the 2nd floor into a Covid place and hired nurses! In spite of all, God is so Good❣️Blessings to you and Jim and all your family❣️🙏🙏🤗👍.


    • Thank you for your blessing, Pat! We are glad you’re getting care, your family is healthy, and your spirit remains grateful in all things! We will pray for Brookdale.
      My friend Kay is good at clearing up email issues; if you’d like help, you can reply to her comment here. Sending much love.


  2. I need this today…and every day. Thank you Karen & Jennie 🙂
    I have / have been and/or am guilty of feeling most every description in paragraph 5 above. Gratitude seems to be the easy one for me. Grace for myself, not so much. Especially as this year of horror continues.


    • Thank you for your honesty, Kay, I know many of us feel this way, too. You are a blessing in my life, another of my reasons to be grateful.


  3. Hi Karen,

    I hope you and Jim are doing well. Please tell him I certainly enjoy his online sermons!

    And, thank you for this post. I needed it today. I needed to be reminded that I’m not the only one with feelings like you described. Gray, dreary days don’t help!

    Stay safe!

    Your friend, in Christ,



    • Oh dear Cindy, I’m blessed by your words – so much – today! Thank you. Jim and I miss you and all the good people of HT. Love you so!


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