Early each morning, I simply ask God,
“What would you have me know today?”
I quietly listen and journal my thoughts
and the words I hear God say.

What would you have me know today?
I hope that when I inquire
I can set my agenda and purpose aside
and seek only God’s desire.

What would you have me know today?
Where will this new day lead?
Is there anything I am doing wrong?
What wisdom do I need?

I am often surprised and encouraged,
even corrected when I am wrong.
But in every message God has for me,
I hear I am loved… and belong.

This is the sixth of a weeklong Instagram Writing Challenge from @hopewriters! Today’s prompt is QUESTION. Follow me (@soulsearchingkwicker) or #hopewriterlife on Instagram and join in the fun. Photo by Karen.

2 Comments on “QUESTION

  1. Beautiful and profoundly true for me too, Karen.

    I forwarded your poem about Sharon to all my sisters because it thoughts were also perfect in regard to our sister Robin who left us in 2012.

    Thank you so much, soul sister, for sharing with us your spiritual work.

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    • You are a blessing in my life, Christy. And now we are kindred in a new way, with the loss of your sister and my cousin. I hope my words blessed your sisters. Thank you so much for your words today.

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