FMF Writing Prompt Link-up :: Recover – Five Minute Friday

This morning, our word prompt brings to mind “re-cover,” as a parent re-covers a sleeping child during the night…

Re-cover me, God
when I feel exposed to criticism
when I feel vulnerable with my love
when I feel unprotected from my fears.

Re-cover me, God
with your blanket of truth
with your comforter of compassion
with your quilt of security.

But let me awaken when you tenderly kiss my cheek
to murmur a quiet, “Thank you,”
before I peacefully rest in you.

(Five Minute Friday is an online writing community. Each week, we are given a one-word prompt and five minutes to write. You may find other posts or add your own at the link above!)


  1. I wish sometimes He’d cover me
    when the night gets very late,
    so I would not have to see
    my fell onrushing fate.
    Sometimes I wish He’d shield my face,
    place palm over my eyes,
    so I would not see the place
    where everybody dies.
    I even wish that He would throw
    a blanket on my head
    so I would not have to know
    that too soon I’ll be dead,
    but that is not His holy plan,
    and He says, “Son, be a man!”


    • I thought of you as I wrote this one, Andrew. I can’t imagine all that you are facing and fearing, but I do know God is holding you closely through it all – as we continue to hold you in our hearts.

      Thank you for your beautiful words.

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      • Karen, thank YOU. These have been bad days and worse nights. Barb’s been called from sleep by the service dogs three nights in a row now, because I’m having trouble breathing.

        God does hold me close. But it’s still rough.


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