I want to be slow enough

to savor the everyday

to notice the hidden

to remain with the present

to seek the significance

to include the details

to embrace the entirety

But most of all

to listen for all that I might hear

in the words and the whispers

from my soul

from others

from creation

from God.

(Five Minute Friday is an online writing community. Each week, we are given a one-word prompt and five minutes to write. You may find other posts or add your own at the link below!)

FMF Writing Prompt Link-up :: Slow – Five Minute Friday

Upper photo by Karen, Maumee Bay State Park, Oregon, Ohio


  1. Karen, as I slowly sip my coffee, thank you for reminding me to savor the moments of each and every day!


    • Joanne, I am just catching up after a very busy day! I will be so glad to slow and visit your post this evening. Thank you!


  2. Lovely. “Remain with the present” is a beautiful blessing for this day. Thank you for this reminder, Karen.


  3. I set off to find myself,
    to know my heart, to be aware,
    but I looked through every shelf
    and I found I wasn’t there.
    Then behind I heard a sound,
    and I had a funny feeling,
    so I quickly turned a round,
    and there stood God, His throat a-clearin’,
    “Harumph, boy, guess you didn’t read
    the things I put inside My book;
    you thought virtue lived in speed,
    and now when you took a look
    for My slow graces for your mind,
    you’ve done and left them all behind.”


    • Thank you for visiting – I had a very busy day after I posted, so I look forward to reading the other FMF posts this evening!


  4. Me too, Karen! I’m already “slow” enough:) Now its just a matter of “savoring” it all. Thank you for the quiet reminders. And the beautiful photos!!


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