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Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt immediately brought to mind a cartoon I saw recently. Two people are looking at a number on the floor; one says it is a six, the other claims it is a nine. Because of where they stand, they each see a different number. I find it interesting that neither are wrong, they simply see the number differently. They each have a different “viewpoint.”

My son once shared some words of wisdom about disagreements. When we encounter someone who has a different view or belief, a thoughtful way to begin any discussion is to begin by standing with that person. We begin by moving to where they are, seeing what they are seeing, learning how they have arrived at that place. We begin by looking at the issues together, instead of immediately starting out on opposite sides, facing off to argue about our separate viewpoints. We may still disagree, but we are no longer divided by a chasm of our differences, but standing together on the common ground we do share.

*Afternoon addendum:

After a few interesting and insightful comments from a Facebook friend, I would like to clarify a few statements. When I wrote, “neither are wrong” about the example of the number six or nine, I know that this is not always true. As he pointed out, issues of injustice such as racism, sexism, or homophobia are wrong. Violence and abuse are wrong. We are to love, care, honor, and help one another. This is always right.

My main point is to foster understanding by discussing our differences together, but in the case of God’s love for everyone, there may be a time to no longer “agree to disagree,” but to only disagree – by taking a firm stand against injustice.

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  1. I like your son’s words of wisdom. It makes a big difference if we can see ourselves as being on the same side even if we have different opinions.


  2. Oh, wise son of yours!!!! Inherited doubt!
    I am grateful that you share profundities of others…as well as your own 🙂


  3. Much wisdom in your son’s statement. Working on level ground provides a more stable foundation from which to work.


  4. The chasm of the difference,
    abyss that falls to flaming hate,
    the arms-length push of bitterness;
    I truly hope it’s not too late
    for a people and a nation,
    united just short years ago,
    caught now in a conflagration
    that seems to grow and grow and grow.
    Can we learn to understand
    that we need not loathe the Other,
    that we might extend a hand
    to a sister or a brother
    and say, “You mean the world to me
    even though we disagree”?


  5. What a fantastic post and your afternoon addendum just added to the point that we are not called to argue for the sake of disagreement or proving a point. We are called to love above everything else. I’m visiting from FMF!


    • I hope you can know how much I needed your words today! (My post was shared on Facebook, and an argument ensued. 😉 ) Thank you. Thank you. We ARE called to love above everything else!


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