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We make a good team. Jim loves a clean house with sparkling bathrooms and shiny floors. I love an organized house with tidy closets and little clutter. When everything is clean and organized, our home serves as our sanctuary; we find refuge from the chaos or messiness of life that can sometimes surround or overwhelm us. Today’s prompt, ORDER, makes us smile!

And yet, as people of faith we are called to journey into this world, to confront the messes, to restore the brokenness, to face the chaos, to serve one another, and to do all the good we can. As tempting as it may be to seclude ourselves in our safe and secure – and orderly – home, we know that abundant life is much more than that.

Where can we find our sanctuary, our refuge as we are out in the world?

We can order our days with prayer, practices, and presence. We can keep Christ as our centering point. We can seek the kingdom amid the mess. We can take time for those sanctuary moments, to rest and reflect, to replenish and regroup. We can ask for peace, strength, patience, and joy for our journey.

We can trust that the One who has created and ordered the infinite universe can surely order our days.

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  1. What a lovely post. Very true. Jesus is the answer. And I will be so happy when my house is once again neat, tidy and in order. Thank you for sharing.



  2. Not really up to commenting much yet, but I could not resist.

    A house so neat, so spic ‘n span,
    that idea’s none too shabby,
    and here that was the master plan,
    and then along came Labby,
    one-fifty pounds of Labrador,
    with table-clearing tail,
    and say goodbye to parquet floor
    with eighteen scrabbling nails.
    He tried to vault an antique chair
    when bored, in house, in winter,
    but did not catch sufficient air,
    and now heirloom is splinters,
    but still, it’s the best way to live,
    for all the love he has to give.

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    • Thanks for visiting, dear Andrew and I LOVE your humor, and yes, so true, dogs are the most loving creatures! You have a gift. We are blessed by every day you have to share with us.

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  3. This is such a good word, Karen! My husband and I like to keep things in our peaceful home neat and clean too, but your encouragement to journey with God into the world’s messiness is received.
    ~Lisa, FMF #15


  4. Love this. And as with most things, order for order’s sake is not nearly as important as order for Christ’s sake.

    Amie, FMF #20

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