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Our word prompt for today’s Five Minute Friday, DRIVE, is especially timely for me, as Jim and I just drove back home to West Virginia after visiting our daughter and grandsons in Ohio…

We actually enjoy our four-hour drive. We love to watch the landscape gradually evolve from wide-open fields to rolling hills. We pack a cooler of snacks of fruit, nuts, cheese, crackers, and sparkling water to refresh us. We stop along the way to stretch a bit. We listen to music or podcasts, we talk about life, and sometimes we sit in comfortable silence, deep in our own thoughts.   

Today I am noticing how life is like the drive home. There are times when life feels wide-open with possibility, when we can clearly see the way ahead. We drive with ease, enjoying the spacious scenery and the camaraderie. Then there are times when we have to pay close attention to what is directly before us, as we clutch the steering wheel and silence ourselves to navigate construction zones, accidents, or blind curves.

The landscape of our life journey is ever evolving, ever changing, too. There are times when we feel the freedom and ease of clear and wide routes. There are times when we struggle to navigate the next mile. Wherever we are on this road of life, we have a Companion for our journey. We have One who offers us refreshment for our spirits, rest for our souls, and guidance for our routes.

We have One who helps us find the often unexpected but delightful beauty in every changing scene.

Side note: I am writing this post early, because I have a 9:00 appointment at… the Department of Motor Vehicles! I am finding a special God-synchronicity in the timing of this prompt. More about that on Monday…

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  1. Lovely imagery! My husband and I enjoy long drives, too. The containment, in a bubble with nothing to do but be where we are, can be freeing.


    • Thanks, Amanda, and YES! I love your idea of “nothing to do but be where we are…” Excellent.


  2. My life is like a clown car,
    each jester in their places,
    each puffing on a rigged cigar
    that’ll blow up in their faces.
    We careen around the big top
    madly honking all the while,
    and when we’re flagged down to stop,
    we exit in a pile,
    rushing yon then rushing hither
    (BANG! another stogie blew)
    while Bozo plays a zither
    whose tone is sadly far from true,
    and I hope what you’ll remember, after
    is a blessing of some fun and laughter.


    • I am always humbled and grateful for your comments, my friend. Your insights as you journey in this clown car are gifts for my spirit. Thank you. You remain in my heart and our prayers.

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  3. I loved your thoughts on this subject. We have an adult child who lives 4 hours from us and making the trip is an enjoyable time. What beautiful comparisons to our spiritual journey. I especially loved “We have One who helps us find the often unexpected but delightful beauty in every changing scene.: Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you for your gracious words! How nice that we share the same drive time and mutual enjoyment! This is one of the gifts of our blogging community – learning what we have in common.


  4. Of course I’m loving all the visuals in this blog!!! When I was making those 9hr trips to see my friend, I too let my eyes, heart & soul take in all the beauty. Not only the scenery around each corner and over the other side of the mountain but the weather conditions as well. The good, the bad & the ugly, those were the best times! Roll down my windows, crank up my tunes and praise God for all he has done and continues to do. Just me & God…rollin’ down the highway 🙂

    Side note: My concern today however, is what’s happening at the DMV this morning?? Did you get your CDL license and you & Jim are going on the road????

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    • Oh I can just imagine you, driving and singing with a smile on your face! Thanks, Kay!
      (And no CDL, though I did have my CDL temps at one time. I just renewed my driver’s license.)

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