Today’s prompt has me thinking about the question, “Where are you from?”

I notice that my answer depends on how far I am from my birthplace home…

When I am in Northwest Ohio, I reply, “Northwood” (the smaller city where I was born and raised) and I immediately feel a certain bond, a connection with anyone who is from my hometown. When I am in the Midwest, I generally reply with the more well-known city, “Toledo,” and again, feel an affinity for anyone who is from the Toledo area. Traveling farther in the U.S., I will simply reply, “Ohio” – and I imagine if I were to travel internationally, I would probably answer, “The United States.” Each time, I will sense a bonded connection with all who live within those ever-widening areas.

As my life experiences and travels expand, my sense of who makes up my tribe, my people, also becomes more expansive. Perhaps one day, I might answer, “The planet we call Earth,” and claim the entire world as my kindred community.

We are all infinitely connected, you and I. We are all from the same origin, the same Creator of the universe and beyond.

Welcome to my tribe.

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  1. They say the vital questions
    are where we’re from, and going,
    ’cause fore and aft directions
    are things that are worth knowing.
    But I think I will demur;
    the present is the bestest place,
    ’cause almost dying was the cure
    to looking back, and to the race
    to see what may lie past the bend
    upon the Glory Road;
    thing is, mate, it’s all pretend,
    the ‘bright future’ thing is just a goad,
    and in truth it cannot beat
    the flowers gathered ’round my feet.


    • You are so right, Andrew. The present is the place to BE. Thanks for your inspiration and the joy you bring.


  2. Oooo I love being part of your tribe. You from Ohio U.S. while I am from sleepy Sussex UK 😊 never met but definitely feel connected with Jesus as our tribal leader. God bless x

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  3. I agree, the answer to the question “where are you from?” can have a variety of answers and yet each one is true. It’s kind of like how a certain passage of scripture can teach us different things each time we read it.


    • I just read yours and chuckled – we certainly did! And you are wise to choose to distance yourself from the people and things that are not good for your soul.

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